atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#3859: No wonder Best Buy is on the skids.

I had to make an appointment to pick up my wife's computer. From a retail store.

Apparently you can't just walk in, hand them your service ticket, and get your machinery back; no. You have to make an appointment so the Geek Squad Tech can personally tell you that they didn't find virii, malware, or other crapware on your machine.

Look, a clerk could read notes from the service log and tell me that, and give me my hardware and sign me out, and not make me wait nine minutes for the tech on counter duty to be finished with the previous customer.

But I had a pretty decent trip out there and back--no extraneous noises from the Jeep this time!--and managed to get a trio of double stacks from Wendy's for a late lunch. Now Mrs. Fungus' machine has her new game on it, and she can play it with impunity. Whee!

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