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#3861: Severe clear, and the grass needs cutting again.

Funny how that works. I only just cut the crap on Monday and it's already--

Today is the first day I can recall in a while without any clouds in the sky. Meteorology applies the "severe" label even to things we don't consider severe, like sunny days; when there are no clouds in the sky it's technically "severe clear" and it's one of the things I recall best from my aviating days.

And after writing that paragraph, now it's gotten to the point that the word "severe" has lost all meaning to me. You know how it is: you think about a word enough and the brain pathways that store it get fatigued. It's the same phenomenon, oddly enough, that leaves an afterimage in your eyes after you stare at something long enough; the ion channels in the nerve paths get depleted and have to recharge, so they don't work as efficiently as they normally do and will only return to normality if left alone or given fresh stimuli.

Yesterday Mrs. Fungus and I embarked on a marathon session of WoW. She started a new toon--a goblin--and was stuck in the goblin starting area the entire time. I, meanwhile, continued to power-level Edapha the human priest, and got her to 40th level, finally.

I said yesterday--or the day before--that I was averaging a level every 75 minutes, but now I think that may be in error. She was 17th when I picked her back up after a very long hiatus, and I haven't been playing enough to add 23 levels if it's taking me an average of 1.25 hours per level. I think it's more likely that I've been averaging a level every 45 minutes, because I haven't been playing that much and she's been rocketing up the skill ladder. Some levels have taken me less than half an hour, and when it takes longer than an hour it's been because I left the keyboard to do something (like Mrs. Fungus, hehhehheh) or I've been farming crafting materials.

In any case, I think I added about eight levels to her yesterday--even with our little "break" in the middle--so Edapha hit 40th level about the time Mrs. Fungus' new toon managed to get out of the goblin starting area, and we called it a night shortly thereafter.

* * *

Today I was taking a little stroll around the bunker and scared a youngish rabbit from the underbrush. There is an adult rabbit living around here, and the other day I saw her with a young 'un following her. I expect this one's been kicked out of the den, or went on an adventure by himself--or mama remained under the bush when her baby panicked--but since we're apparently not going to get around to planting a garden again this year I don't think it really makes any difference whether we have one, or a dozen, rabbits.

It would have been more, but I found a couple of dead kits (or whatever baby rabbits are called) in the front yard last week. I don't know what got them and wasn't going to examine them in an effort to try to find out; I merely disposed of the carcasses. Casual inspection showed no obvious wounds, though, which makes me wonder if they died of disease; certainly if something had gotten them it wouldn't have left them laying in the grass, intact.

Well, there's a whole lotta nothin' I can do about it in any event. *sigh*

* * *

Our fancy X1 cable box has crapped out.

Since Mrs. Fungus is a Comcast employee we're in a trial program with a new DVR box that has some fancy features; eventually this will be rolled out to everyone. Among other things, it's capable of recording more than two programs at once while letting you watch something other than what's being recorded.

But the box in our family room got buggered by a software update. We don't know when it happened, exactly, but it stopped working Tuesday night. Wednesday I called the diagnostic hotline for the X1 boxes and there was supposed to be a tech coming, but unfortunately that software got buggered and no one--no one--can schedule a technician for X1 boxes at the moment. We were supposed to get a call back on Thursday but of course no one called us.

We have been told that we can't simply take the box from the guest bedroom and swap it for the one in the living room, because of "frequencies". No I don't understand what the hell that means. As far as I know, there should not be any frequency sensitivity in a basic multichannel digital transceiver that will render it inoperable if it's moved to a different cable drop in the same house.

Argh etc.

* * *

I suppose I should go find out what Mrs. Fungus is gearing up for. She made noises about wanting sushi for dinner again....

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