atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#3862: Back to reality!

Mrs. Fungus and I had a long, pleasant three-day weekend together. It was marred only by two irritants, upon which I shan't comment as they didn't really have any effect on the overall pleasantness of the time Mrs. Fungus and I spent together.

Friday night I moved the working cable box to the family room, and--as I expected--it worked just fine regardless of the "frequencies", so yesterday Mrs. Fungus and I were able to watch a couple of movies: Men in Black 3 and Rear Window were the main ones, though she had Behind the Candelabra on yet again, apparently because she finds the story interesting.

I was thinking, just now, that she's going to be unhappy when the movie is no longer available on demand, but then I realized that LOGO will rerun it to death. It's not going anywhere.

* * *

Dinner last night was a deep-dish "Chicago style" pizza from a local place, Dozeli's Pizza. The pizza is pretty fair dinkum, and it's cheaper than the alternative local delivery place, Aurelio's. I'd be fine with Pizza Hut--or even Little Caesar's, as their "supreme" pizza costs $9, is made to order, and tastes fine--but the bunker is outside the delivery radii of the various Pizza Huts in the Fungal Vale (and Little Caesar's doesn't deliver) so when Mrs. Fungus and I don't want to go anywhere but we have a hankering for pizza, this is what happens.

* * *

Tonight is the last ep of season 3 of Game of Thrones. Mrs. Fungus gave me permission to start reading the book (A Storm of Swords) if I wanted to, but I'm going to try to hold out at least until the final ep's been aired. That's in about seven hours, so as long as I can find something to occupy myself with, it'll be fine.

Obviously I'm not watching the ep until Mrs. Fungus gets home from work. (It makes me sad that I have to explain this.)

* * *

Suzuka remains on my desk, still in its shrink wrap. I ought to bust that out soon and have a gander at it.

* * *

That pizza tastes good, even when cold. Awesome.

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