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#3863: The best way to deal with blackmail, potential or otherwise

You know what it is: tell the truth up front.

Yes, if someone has an incriminating photograph of you, the best thing you can possibly do is to publish the damned thing your own bad self.

In that mode of being, then, I humbly submit the following photograph, taken last night, as I prepared dinner for Mrs. Fungus and myself:

I think there may be a lesson there for all of us.

* * *

So, last night's Game of Thrones season finale--

No, don't worry; I'm not posting spoilers. But I will say that--finally!--they explained what the fuck was going on with Theon.

I'm really impressed with Samwell Tarly, too. His character has changed since he was first introduced--not in a big way, but he has changed, and for the better.

Bonus points to the guy who plays Tywin Lannister. That guy is some kind of actor, let me tell you, because he very nicely pulls off being extremely scary without raising his voice or even moving his face. It reminds me of James Earl Jones in Soul Man, where he plays an extremely scary professor at Harvard Law School, and like Basil Fawlty in Fawlty Towers you find yourself pleading, "Oh, don't smile. Please don't smile," while covering your face in dismay.

Except that Tywin Lannister never smiles. I think I'd shit myself if he did. It'd be like meeting Christopher Walken--he's a scary mofo.

SPOILER, because I have to talk about this: so there's this scene where the Small Council is meeting and Tywin schools Joffrey like a bitch. Tywin's not afraid of Joffrey and Joffrey doesn't know how to cope with someone who simply will not obey or respect him Just Because He's The King. Joffrey is used to everyone bowing and scraping at his slightest whim, so when he comes across someone who won't do either and whom he cannot actually bully or threaten, he's completely unmanned by it.


...very, very neat things done with the "Stannis Baratheon" storyline, which were pretty f-ing awesome in context and even better in retrospect. Perhaps Melisandre actually does serve the Lord of Light and not her own selfish interests.

Anyway, once the ep was over I picked up the novel and started reading.

* * *

Idiocy and humor from

Apple has managed to redefine "genius" to mean something it does not actually mean, and the result is predictable. These two FMLs were juxtaposed exactly thus lo these many months ago:

Obviously the dog needs to learn how to use Google. And/or go to work at the Apple Store.

And when I saw this one today, before I read the comment I had exactly the same thought:

I can hear Ramsay now: "Why are you serving this shit? D'you hate your customers?"

When Mrs. Fungus and I were watching the pilot of Defiance there was a scene where Graham Greene's family was sitting down to dinner, and the dish was some kind of potato melange it.

It was, of course, supposed to be Weird-Looking Alien Food, meant to emphasize the fact that these people were living on an Earth that had been incompletely xenoformed.

...because of course humans won't eat steak, for example, or pork chops, in the post-xenoformed future. No, they're going to eat Baked Alien Roots With Red Hair.

Cue Gordon Ramsay: "Joe, you can't serve this! There's no hair on it! It's only going to come back!"


* * *

"Xenoformed"--the big technical sticking point in the entirety of Defiance is that they claim the Earth was "terraformed" by aliens. The "apocalypse" that led to the post-apocalyptic world was the arrival of alien spacecraft which then had some kind of problem, and Earth's ecosystem was fucked up by the alien machinery which was meant to transform Earth into something more like their homeworld, only the process was incomplete because of some disaster (the first shot we see in the series is derelict spacecraft and parts thereof orbiting Earth).

The thing is, Earth is Terra. When we talk about terraforming a world, we mean "make the world like Earth". By definition--since the process made Earth considerably less Earth-like--the aliens were in fact xenoforming Earth: changing Earth to be more like an alien planet.

But of course "everyone knows what 'terraforming' means and 'xenoforming' will just confuse people." I get it. I don't have to like it; and if the writers of the series were actually trying to do real SF they'd at least get the lingo right and take the time to explain it to people.

I could do it with two lines of dialogue inserted into an otherwise unrelated scene. But I'd bet $5 that the explanation would be totally unnecessary.

See, ER was a big hit. That show was about the operations of an emergency room in a fictional Chicago hospital, and they made a habit of throwing around all kinds of medical jargon without explaining so much as a single syllable of it...and yet people liked the show. Maybe they didn't understand what "an amp of epi" was but they didn't care; much the same way viewers a generation earlier watched Randolph Mantooth and Kevin Tighe on Emergency! and didn't really care what Ringer's Lactate was.

Anyone who was capable of sentient thought would be able to look at the TV screen and--eventually--come to understand what "xenoform" meant. *sigh*

* * *

Anyway, we had cool weather last night but it was so f-ing humid I ended up turning the AC on.

Dewpoint before ran: 41. Dewpoint after rain: 61. *sigh*

Can't win.

* * *

Yesterday, after mowing the grass, I hied myself out to the driveway to work on the motorcycle's lighting.

The grain-of-wheat bulbs obtained from Og did the trick for the shift indicator; for the first time since I've owned the thing all six gears light up.

I tried using the LED bulbs in the turn signal sockets. While I could get them to work, they'd only do so if they were sticking out of the socket some 1/4"; I couldn't have them fully seated. I knew what would happen, of course, if I tried leaving them like that: eventually they would vibrate loose and stop working, and I'd be taking the damned instrument cluster apart again. Since I am trying to minimize the number of times I have to take the thing apart, this was obviously not the way to proceed.

I tried them in the speedo and tach, and they seemed to work fine; but as I rode through the deepening dusk I realized they were not, in fact, actually any damned good for that application either. Fortunately it's a lot easier to get at the bulbs in the instruments themselves, so I can swap them back to bulbs pretty easily.

But I am going to have to take the instrument cluster apart again because now the neutral light--which I did not touch last night--has stopped working.

I need to get a good tach cable put into this thing, too. I want everything to work, and work correctly, damn it.

* * *

Lastly, the photograph at the top of this post.

...I was making hamburgers and clowning around, and Mrs. Fungus snapped that pic with her iPad.

That was after I'd:
* Mowed the grass
* Worked on the bike
* Made jello
* Washed the dishes and tidied the kitchen
I was certain there was something else I did yesterday, but now I can't remember. In any event, that's an awful lot by itself, especially for a Sunday.

Before I can cut the grass again, I'm going to need to buy gasoline. The 5-gallon can will take another $20 to fill, of course, because gasoline is over $4 per gallon and we're in the second Obama term where fossil fuel prices are going to "necessarily skyrocket". Argh etc.

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