atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#3865: Big blow here in the Fungal Vale on Wednesday

We survived it handily. A few branches down, power blinked off a couple of times; otherwise we weren't even inconvenienced by it.

...just up the street, though, half a huge old maple blew down. I didn't venture outside until after the storms had stopped, some six hours later, so I didn't see it laying across the street; but I saw where it had been moved to, the other side of the street; it was a hunk of tree some twenty inches across and a good forty feet long (or tall, depending on its orientation when measured). It was big enough that they must've needed heavy equipment to move it that far.

I didn't even think to look out the south windows of the house, worse luck; I first discovered this when I took a little walk around the house and saw the huge thing laying in the neighbor's yard.

The back yard is still swampy; we got a lot of rain.

Mrs. Fungus arrived home from work before the storm really got going; I went out to the driveway with an umbrella to fetch her, and once she was inside it really hit. 60, 70 MPH winds, heavy rain, the whole enchilada; I had the fans shut off so I could hear the tornado sirens but they never blew, and we didn't get any hail, either. Considering that some locations reported tennis ball sized hail I am just as glad of that; when I lived in Cedar Rapids, in 2000, we had a huge storm come through with tornados and golf ball sized hail; that was bad enough. (And the sound it made--)

The sky went absolutely pitch black before the front arrived, and then turned green as it passed; that was pretty nerve-wracking.

Still--no damage to the bunker, no trees down on the property, and we didn't lose power for more than a couple of minutes. I'll take it.

* * *

Last week I went to the hardware store and bought a tube of Loc-Tite Premium Construction Adhesive. All temperature, all weather, waterproof, and claims to be three times stronger than competing adhesives. Tuesday afternoon I finally got around to using it to glue the bird bath back together; 24 hours later it was sitting on its pedestal (which I relocated to the grass) and even the hurricane-force winds did not dislodge it.

...and the rainfall we got filled it right up. It's still got water in it two days later, which leads me to conclude that my repair was done right.

* * *

As for me, I've been dizzy for about fourteen hours. I think my right ear is plugged up; I took an antihistamine and a decongestant about half an hour ago and we'll see if that fixes it, or if this is either a) an anxiety symptom, or b) a side effect of my anxiety meds. *sigh*

It's always something, isn't it?

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