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#3868: On the plus side....

From Canada we get this winning FML:
"Today, my boyfriend bought another expensive bong, to go with the one he bought last month, along with his new phone, airsoft gun, and various other things he's blown our money on this year. He's bought nothing to prepare for our son, though, who's due next month. FML"
But hey! On the plus side, you're not married to the father of your child so you can leave his ass!

I don't have a lot of sympathy. While there are plenty of tokers out there who can (and do) behave responsibly, they are far and away outnumbered by the masses of pure stoners who care more about their next batch of smoke than anything else on the planet. Cheech and Chong's comedy routines are a cautionary tale, not an instruction manual.

I am presuming that this girl knew before having sex what the biological function of sex is, and therefore her choice not to use contraception is her own damned fault. Beyond that, however, lies the choice of whom she chose for a partner, and what criteria she employed in making that selection. Did she know he was a habitual weed user before having sex with him? (I say "habitual user" because only a habitual pot smoker would have more than one bong. Or even any bongs at all. WTF.) How much weed did she smoke before getting pregnant? I assume she's not smoking the crap now, not with a baby in her belly; while people do worse things than that I am giving her the benefit of the doubt and assuming she cares about the health of her baby.

Even so, with a habitual weed user in the house, the baby is being exposed to that shit.

Further, buried due to "too many negative votes", was this gem of a comment:
Why is it "our money" if he's your boyfriend and not your husband?

I have no idea how welfare works in Canada. I know they have socialized medicine but have no idea how extensive their "social safety net" is. (In England these kids would be on the dole, no question.) I am, however, assuming that the Canadian government has something similar to the benefits given to poor people in the US, and in that case these two would be receiving welfare benefits in the form of WIC, food stamps, etc, with little or no actual government oversight on how that money is spent. So "our money" might be a joint checking account they share, into which the government cheese is deposited.

I read the comments expecting it to be largely, "Oh, poor girl!" stuff, but in fact there are plenty of people telling her that she is the victim of her own bad decisions. Some folks accused her of trying to "trap" the guy into marriage, thinking that having a child would improve him; well, sadly, that fails more often than it works--and in the present day, men don't have to take any responsibility for the children they sire. That shit went out the door with all the rest of the sexual mores our society jettisoned during the sexual revolution.

That's right! Along with no longer shaming women who get pregnant out of wedlock, we now don't expect men who get those women pregnant to take any responsibility for it! After all, those women can get abortions or welfare! It's a party! Whee!


* * *

I'm really having trouble with A Storm of Swords.

For a little while it was as readable as the first two books, but now it's begun to descend into a plodding mire of shit I don't care about. I've heard that the third book was less readable than the first two but much better than the fourth or fifth books; since I'm not reading the fourth book until about this time next year that shouldn't be a problem.

Still, it's a bit disappointing. It's gotten to the point that whenever a chapter concentrates on Bran or Jon I just want to skip it entirely.

And that's terrible.

* * *

...anyway, got to go cut the grass.

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