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#3870: I sort-of predicted this.

Two different particle accelerators have found particles no one can explain.

Look: according to the present state-of-the-art in physics, the particles that are composed of quarks (such as protons and neutrons) all have three quarks in them. (Fundamental particles like photons and electrons are just that, and have no smaller bits inside.) (As far as we know.) Mesons are made of two quarks but are unstable and rapidly decay into other particles.

When you get two experiments, on two different apparati, which produce similar results, it's significant. And that's the case here, where we have two experiments which have produced particles with FOUR quarks in them.

My sort-of prediction? Well, I theorized that a sufficient amount of quark-gluon plasma would contain virtual particles, and some of them would be weird: a neutron with no quarks in it, for example, or a super-heavy particle with six quarks. My prediction--as is the case with all science fiction predictions--was insufficiently fantastic, because I never dreamed that there'd be particles with a fraction of three quarks in them. (If I'd only boned up on particle physics before writing that bit--but it was a throwaway line, tangential to the story, and "insufficiently broad" does not translate into "wrong" when you're talking out of an anatomically unlikely orofice, and turn out to be right. Just not "right" enough, as it turns out.)

In fact, the only time I ever recall an SF writer making a prediction about the future and getting it 100% correct is from Heinlein's Space Cadet, in which the main character's phone is in his luggage rather than on his person because he's traveling via air. He didn't think he'd need it while he was in transit, so he packed it in his luggage rather than carry it with him, but fully expected it to work correctly at his destination...and borrowed another person's phone when he needed to make a call.

Cell phones? Heinlein didn't delve into the mechanics; it was a throwaway, like my virtual particles.

Yet another example of how I rule.

* * *

DrewM at AoSHQ is now where I was last year.
...I will not vote or support in any way a Republican who votes for an amnesty first plan or anything that expands or “fixes” ObamaCare in anyway. Those are my two red lines.

I sucked it up in the past and voted for McCain and then Romney. No more.

The GOP will continue to lie to us and count on our support because we always come back. Why would they change when there’s never a price to pay? Even when we rally together to change the party and elect a guy like Marco Rubio....nothing changes.

It’s time to stop buying into the scare tactics of..."The Democrats are worse". It might be true but that doesn’t mean that the Republicans are the answer.
For me, it was the fact that there were zero differences in the politics of Romney and Obama, but the result was the same.

That's the problem I had in the last election, and continue to have: the GOP wants me to vote Republican because "the Democrats are worse" but the Republicans are not better than the Democrats. The Republicans merely change the angle of the screwing, not its depth or severity. The Democrats want the government to assrape me; all the Republicans do is say they'll make government wear a condom when it assrapes me. Either way, I get assraped, so why should I vote for any of these dickheads? (And then the Republicans leave off the condom and claim, "Well, we tried to make government wear the condom....")

* * *

Rich white racists are the source of Chicago's public education ills. Chicago has been run by Democrats since the Devonin Era, so the charge is not entirely without merit, but I do honestly believe that the parents of the children have more input into the process than Rahm Emanuel does. It's the little things, you know, like starting to teach your kids to read as soon as they can talk, or taking a personal interest in their educations and how they're doing in school, instead of leaving all that for the teachers to do.

Then there's this. JayG comments on a story of four boys vandalizing a house, getting caught by the owner, and then being protected by their parents.

Like JayG, if I had been caught vandalizing someone's house, my parents would have landed on me like an entire f-ing brickyard. Like JayG, I would have been safer staying in that closet for the rest of my life rather than going home, if I'd caused tens of thousands of dollars' worth of damage to someone else's home.

None of the boys was older than 10.

It's symptomatic of a larger problem in society; parents these days tend not to discipline their kids at all but take up their cause when they misbehave. That's why teachers have such a hard time giving kids the grades they deserve; if you give someone's special snowflake the "D" he richly deserves, his mother is going to come to the school and demand to know why her special snowflake isn't getting an "A" and blame it all on you, the teacher, and not the fact that little Henry never does his homework and is always goofing off in class and can't read worth a shit. (In fact the kid's mother is probably going to complain that she doesn't have time to monitor Henry's homework around her busy life as a marketing executive for XYW Corp, and her estranged husband the doctor hasn't sent his child support check this month, and-and-and.)


* * *

Yes, we get it, the Christian university is racist bigoted sexist homophobe, SHUT THE FUCK UP AND GO AWAY.

* * *

Obama does it again: just stop being so religious and you'll all be fine!

I dislike delving into the politics of religion in Ireland. The whole "Irish Republican Army" thing and the terrorism of the 1980s and the Provos and-and-and--I'm not Irish, I'm not going to visit Ireland, so I never really paid any attention to the whole thing. It's a mess but it's beyond my understanding, and anyway it's not my problem.

Obama, on the other hand--as the Wiseyist-Wise-Man-of-Wisdom-The-World-Has-Ever-Known--has no trouble going to Ireland and telling people there, "Look, your problem is that you just don't get along. You need to start getting along, and everything will be fine! Stop clinging bitterly to your religious identities and start getting along, okay?"

...all without so much as a thought on how offensive that might be to the Irish people who, you know, live there. The problem is a complex one; if it had a simple solution smarter people than Obama would have found it already. And it's not Obama's problem in any event; I don't think he even qualifies as religious much less belonging to any sect of Christianity.

What an anus.

* * *

Summer solstice occurs at 12:04 AM CDT on the 21st this year. Whee!

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