atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#3871: "Holy shi--!"

That's about what I managed to say, after going to look at the Googe Dow-Jones ticker at 7:35 PM today.

That link will reflect the current D-J index as of whatever time and date this is being read, so let me reproduce the image here for perpetuity:

Besides being down 357 points today, it's down a total of 553 points since yesterday afternoon, and other world markets are not doing any better.

Manufacturing activity in China is down. The massive sell-off did not create a spike in other, safer instgruments as it normally does:
...[C]ommodities got destroyed across the board. Gold prices fell by 7%. Silver prices fell 9%. Copper fell 3%. WTI oil prices fell by 3%. Natural gas prices fell by 2%. Corn, soybean, and rice prices all fell by over 1%.
Do I have to explain what it means when copper and oil futures fall? When food futures fall? These things are necessities to any industrialized nation, and some of them are necessities for everyone; a drop in the futures prices of these commodities that takes place when everything else is going tits up is a very bad sign.

* * *

Meanwhile, Ace weighs in on the whole amnesty scam. Go to his link and it's a bunch of his tweets on how the GOP is trying to snooker its base. Ace says,
The Democrats' Redlines are respected, and ours are ignored.

I'll say this about the Democratic representatives: They are actually representing their constituents' interests and beliefs, while ours are conspiring about how best to trick us.
...which is why my support for the GOP has been waning lo these past four years. The GOP doesn't want to support its constituency because its constituency expects government to leave it the hell alone, and no one gets rich and powerful by representing a bunch of free men.

Now, if you can rule a bunch of serfs that's a whole other story....

"...[E]njoy your 'soft triggers' and 'goals,' Conservatives," Ace tweets. "They think absolutely nothing of you at all, and they think you're this stupid."


* * *

IRS bureaucrats get $70 million in bonuses, despite sequester, because fuck you, America. I wonder how much the people responsible for targeting conservative groups got.

* * *

You see? This is why I'm so burned out on politics. It's not enough that the Democrats are doing bad things; the Republicans are trying to help them. There are no good guys left in the ring; just bad and worse.

* * *

Marajuana made him gay. The girlfriend, that's just camoflage.

Stay away from that shit. Really.

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