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#3872: Fish eating fish

Yesterday, Mrs. Fungus and I had tilapia for dinner.

I have never cooked fish before, fish which was actual real fish and not processed whitefish or cod with breading. Thanks to the Intartubs, I found a recipe which sounded good, and ended up dredging the filets in a bit of flour after salting and peppering them, then sauteeing (sp?) them in a bit of butter.

I thought they were a trife underdone, she thought they were perfect, and the recipe used 3/4 cup of chicken broth, 1/4 cup of lemon juice, and about a teaspoon of cracked peppercorns to make a very tasty lemon-pepper sauce.

I mean, it's almost as if I can cook or something.

* * *

Mrs. Fungus has been watching Lost, which is not quite interesting enough a show to hold my interest, so while semi-watching it with her I've been using the Nook HD+ to watch videos on YouTube. This resulted, yesterday, in a tension headache: the muscles in my neck were protesting at holding my head at a 30° angle for most of the day.

The videos varied from "fail" videos to instructional vids on steam power and antique machinery (hosted by Chris "Arnold J. Rimmer" Barrie) to motorcycle maintenance to anime, but other than requiring recharging the thing did all that without a hitch.

Then I was scanning Craigslist for job postings, and on a whim checked out the "free" section...and came across an ad for "American girl missing leg". Turned out to be an "American Girl" doll which was--for reasons which were not explained--missing its right leg. "Couldn't they at least put pants on it?" Mrs. Fungus complained, upon seeing the ad. I started doing my impression of Zack from the latest season of Hell's Kitchen:
See, if you only got one leg, you wastin' yo money on a pair of pants, 'cause you only usin' one leg. Pants cost money, and the more pants you buy, the more money you spendin'.
It actually entailed more discussion than that, but at the end of it I was laughing and she was laughing and we kept on laughing for several minutes.

And as we were going to bed, I recalled that nonsense and started laughing again. Geeze.

The "free" section yielded no other amusement. I noticed that a lot of people are trying to give away CRT TVs. The only other mildly funny article was "FREE BROKEN UP PIECES OF CONCRETE", but there was nothing I could really do with that.

The cast of Hell's Kitchen has provided endless entertainment for Mrs. Fungus and I. Apparently I (somehow) do an excellent impression of Mary, who has a very high-pitched voice--and here I blew out my falsetto in 1997 trying to hit a high note in Trip Shakespear's "Drummer Like Me", so my voice does not go very high. Mrs. Fungus claims I sound just like her.

Zack is easy because it's mainly just a matter of opening your mouth as far as you can.

Nedra--Nedra was hilarious because she's this corpulent black woman, and in an early episode she said, "I'm sweatin' like two fat bitches!" And immediately I piped up with, "Nedra, you are two fat bitches!" (Her breasts alone ought to have their own zip code--I'm just sayin'.) (I have to wonder what kind of engineering went into her bras. Maybe there's an episode of Modern Marvels in there somewhere.)

* * *

To be fair, Mrs. Fungus doesn't pay rapt attention to Lost, either. Half the time she has her nose buried in her iPad, so I'm not the only one.

I said I watched anime on the thing, but actually what I watched was about five minutes' worth of the first You're Under Arrest OVA, dubbed, mainly to see how it worked. I can't complain too much.

* * *

It's been sticky and steamy, so the AC has been on, varying between 74 and 76 degrees. Because things have been moved around a bit I now have to re-learn how to configure the house for maximum cooling efficiency. We're getting there; last night I set the thermostat to 74 when we went to bed, and when I got up half an hour later the AC had shut itself off the way it's supposed to when it hits the target temperature. I was pleased to see that, and then set it down another degree. Mrs. Fungus and I slept like rocks.

With the new living configuration of the bunker, it's really hard to force-cool the place with outside air. Window access is compromised and I can't seem to set up cross-ventilation as I could before. I'm working on it, but now that it's officially summer and the temperatures are up I'm simply not having all that many opportunities for experimentation.

Well, we'll get there.

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