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Thomas Sowell quoted the nephew of one of his readers: "Calling an illegal immigrant an 'undocumented worker' is like calling a drug dealer an 'unlicensed pharmacist'."

That's awesome.

* * *

Remember that the United States requires all its refineries to run at 98% of capacity in order to meet the demand for petroleum products?

Right now they're running at about 88% of capacity due to technical issues. That's why I paid $28 to put nine gallons of gasoline into my car's 10-gallon gas tank yersterday. It was $3.18 per gallon.

Thanks, environmentalists. Thanks, EPA. Thanks, NIMBY-types.

You all suck.

They're actually having spot shortages in Iowa, too. Do you know what this means?

It means that, before too many more years elapse, we will start having them everywhere if nothing changes. We might even have them this year if the right wrong conditions are met.

Right now the oil companies can supply enough gasoline, albeit at very high prices, without rationing or shortage. But if no new refineries are built we are looking at higher prices, shortages, and rationing.

And if the government enacts some kind of price controls on gasoline, things will really get bad--Carter-years bad--quickly.

Right now the real problem is not the availability of crude; it's the availability of the machines that turn crude oil into usable products like gasoline and diesel.

The government could allow fuel prices to drop within weeks just by telling the EPA to stop mandating "high oxygen" fuels. Allowing refineries to make gasoline in bulk rather than in batches would drive prices down.

I noticed yesterday that while gasoline cost me $3.18 per gallon, a quart of oil cost the same old $1.89 it's cost for the last couple of years. Why? Because motor oil can be made any time and stored--it has a very long shelf life, unlike gasoline--and it's not subject to EPA emissions standards. The quart of motor oil I buy in July is formulated exactly the same as the quart I buy in January.

But a typical car uses about a quart of oil every thousand miles, and requires a complete oil change every three thousand miles--so figure a car will use about six or seven quarts of oil for every hundred gallons of gasoline it burns, depending on its fuel economy. The demand for motor oil is clearly lower than the demand for gasoline is.

Without a good steady supply of fuel at market prices, our economy will falter.

* * *

This site contains photoessays on left coast leftie-commie-lib protest marches.

It shows pictures of the utter lunatic in his native habitat. It's why I don't want to live in California.

Of particular interest was this discussion of the KKK/Aryan Nation-style flyers that were posted, and how closely the wording of that stuff was to some of the leftie-commie-lib protests.

I find it highly interesting that the far left in this country agrees with the KKK on the issue of the US' support of Israel. I find it even more interesting that it's never remarked upon by the mainstream media.

Of course, before Hitler attacked Russia, the Communists loved the Nazis. "Fascist" only became a leftist epithet after Hitler broke the treaty he and Stalin had signed. So I suppose that it's not all that surprising, after all.

Besides, fascism is just communism with a different paint scheme.

* * *

Speaking of communism, notice that the criminal alien protest marches were held on "May Day"? It's traditionally a day celebrated by communists with parades of goose-stepping soldiers, ballistic missile launchers, etc--but yesterday it was instead celebrated by criminals who come to America seeking freedom--freedom from having to pay taxes, freedom from having to pay for medical care, freedom to attend schools they don't pay for, freedom to have "anchor babies", etc, etc.

Oh, I'm sure that many of the marchers were legal immigrants, but make no mistake about it: the march had nothing to do with securing "rights" for legal immigrants, because their rights are already secured. If you are here legally, and can prove it--which ain't all that great a burden!--you won't be deported. (In fact, chances are you won't be deported even if you are caught by the Federales.)

The marches were all about securing special treatment for criminals, solely because of their skin color and ethnicity. It had nothing to do with fairness; in fact it was all about unfairness, giving special advantages and perks to people who shouldn't even be in this country, much less marching in a May Day parade.

I find it especially ironic because Communists have always practiced excellent border control. People trying to get past a communist border illegally--in either direction--risked getting shot, blown up, or messily dead in other ways. There were no "coyotes" moving people under the Berlin Wall, I can tell you that.

But to be honest, there is no point to getting upset about it. The status quo will continue so long as the American people accept it, and since most of the political and economic machinery has a vested interest in the status quo, it's going to resist any change. So the number of illegals in this country will increase; there will be more amnesties.

The only way it will possibly change is if there is a massive terror attack on US soil--and I mean enormous, like a city being nuked--and it is found that lax US border security was the reason the terrorists pulled it off. If that happened, maybe our government would get serious about closing the borders.


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