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#3875: I forgot what I was going to blog about.

In between sitting down here and getting the pre-blog surf done, I showed Mrs. Fungus the roses blooming on the other plant.

So far the yellow and pink rose bushes have flowered. The one in the middle, which was not showing any signs of blooming, apparently got jealous and has popped a bud of its own. I can't remember what color its flowers are supposed to be, but I expect I'll be reminded relatively soon.

In the process of all this, however, I forgot what I was going to write about. So I'm going to forge ahead with the usual nonsense, and maybe I'll rememb--

Oh, got it: I was going to post a bleg about e-publishing something. I'll make that its own post, though.

* * *

Two McDonald's restaurants stop serving halal food. WTF--if you want halal food, don't go to McDonald's. Go down the street to Habeeb's Halal Burgers or something.

* * *

...while watching Lost the other day, there was a scene where the Iraqi, Sayid, and the rich bitch became a couple. This was the episode where they were off somewhere while her brother was dying; so after the guy dies, there's this scene of them strolling on the beach, heading back to the camp.

"It's the Terrorist and Bitch show!" I said. "He's an islamic terrorist from Iraq, fighting for jihad...and she's a bitch! Together they're Terrorist and Bitch!"

Mrs. Fungus could not stop laughing.

And it gets worse, because now the black kid left his dog with Bitch: It's the Terrorist and Bitch show...with dog! Guest starring the drug-addled hobbit! (Dominic Monaghan is one of the stars of this show, and he played Meriadoc Brandybuck in Lord of the Rings.)

I'm sure that The Terrorist and Bitch Show would contain enough sex and violence for the elites. *sigh*

Broadcast networks want to be allowed to be just as raunchy and gory as HBO or Cinemax. Just imagine Game of Fuck! Thrones on NBC or CBS. Myself, I'm old fashioned enough to think that coarsening the language and images is a crutch used by the inept; if you need to show people having sex you're less capable than the person who can get the idea across without showing it.

I mean, heck, even the producers of GoT have their limits. SPOILER The bastard of Bolton sends Theon's genitals to his father with a demand for his surrender but they didn't show the genitals in their wooden box, now did they? END SPOILER

But if broadcast TV is allowed to spew the nudity and profanity, what will cable do to differentiate itself? Ned Stark will sound a lot different in that era: "He'll be a fuckin' man soon e-fuckin'-nough...and fuckin' winter is fuckin' comin', you fuckin' asshole bitch fuck fuck fuckin' fuckity fuck-fuck-fuck."


* * *

Theoretically, if B&N capsizes the way Borders did, my Nook HD+ should still function. ...but of course the OS will go stale as the build for Nooks ceases to be updated, and eventually I won't be able to run anything on it. *sigh* On the plus side, the core of the OS is Linux, which means--theoretically--the thing could be hacked to run a pure Linux install. That would be interesting, but by that time the hardware will be obsolete anyway.

* * *

Two from Advice Goddess:

People can't afford new cars any longer. It's not just Obama's "Cash for Clunkers" which made used cars more expensive; it's that the damned things are themselves a shitton more costly.

Look: econoboxes start around $15,000. Part of it is that a lot of stuff is standard these days--AC, power locks, things like that--but part of it is that cars simply cost too damned much to build and amnesty for illegal immigrants is artificially depressing wages. (To say nothing of the fact that US monetary policy over the last 30 years has been disastrously informed by Keynesian economics, of course.)

In 1978--the height of the Carter years!--a person could work a minimum-wage job full-time and earn enough money to own a new car. Obviously he couldn't support a family of 4 on that wage, but if you were going to college and working and living with your parents, you could buy a new car and pay for college at the same time. (My oldest sister did just that.)

That is not so now.


Affirmative action has run its course, and now people assume that black people achieve only because they get breaks for being black.

Who was it who talked about "the soft racism of diminished expectations"? It was some prominent black conservative; Googe tells me nothing but does find this old Fungus post among others. It's a well-used phrase because it precisely describes affirmative action.

* * *

Kelo vs. New London was a landmark case in eminent domain law because the decision held that municipalities can seize property under eminent domain to maximize property taxes.

...and eight years later the land sits barren, vacant, and provides no income for the city. Suck on that, you totalitarian bitches.

* * *

How in the f-ing hell do you have a quiddich tournament in the absence of magic and flying brooms? Huh? Furthermore, how much of a fucking loser do you have to be to take part in one?


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