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#3876: The e-publication bleg.

Note: for THIS THREAD ONLY I am allowing anonymous comments.

I'm expecting [RELEASE CANDIDATE ONE] to be rejected by the publisher that's currently reviewing it. We have about two months left in the review period before I can consider it rejectered, so at the end of that time frame I'm thinking I might just go ahead and e-publish the thing myself and go the Marko route.

How many of y'alls would buy a copy, if I were to do that?

$2.99 seems to be a reasonable price point for a novel, and this one's plenty long for the money (about 178,000 words). No one's had a bad word to say about it, and of course there'd be samples available for perusal before buying.

Does anyone have any thoughts or ideas they could throw my way?

Thanks, all.

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