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#3878: Autoprocrastination

Today, after making an appointment to see an eye doc about my eye, I had intended to go out to the garage and work on the MGB. Og reminded me yesterday that the MGB is a pile of money waiting to jump into my pocket, and 90% of what the car needs is effort.

(I think it'll need a clutch before all is said and done, but just to get it running and drivable all I need to do is to clean, adjust, and tinker.)

Howsomever, I poked my nose outside this morning before cooking Mrs. Fungus' breakfast, and it was like being hit in the face with a soggy electric blanket. Tomorrow's temperature is expected to be at least six degrees cooler than it is now, and Saturday's high is forecast to be twenty degrees cooler.

I think I'll wait.

* * *

The punch line to yesterday's discussion of penis photos? Mrs. Fungus complained last night that she saw a picture of one of her female coworker's genitals. It was the woman's own phone, the photos she took to send to someone else. One of her bending over, everything visible, and then she showed Mrs. Fungus the "full frontal" pic.

Mrs. Fungus asked the woman who had taken the pictures; you can't exactly take a "selfie" of your own ass. "She said [name] took them," Mrs. Fungus said.

"Wait, who is [name]?" I asked. Turns out that [name] is the married man the woman is "seeing".

"Oh, that's fine," I said with some relief. "Well--wait, no, it's not fine, but it's better than what I initially thought, which was that it was her kid or something."

WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU PEOPLE, I know the answer to that question. Unfortunately. *sigh*

* * *

As for the eye, there is no longer a halo around light sources. The discomfort continues but at a vastly reduced level.

* * *

Jeantel can't read the letter she supposedly wrote to Trayvon Martin's parents. "I can't read cursive." Ah. She can write it, but she can't read it? Huh?

She didn't contact police about what she'd heard on the phone; no, she waited for the police to contact her--which they did some weeks after the fact.

Ace sums up the obvious conclusion:
An alternate explanation is that she didn't contact police because she had nothing important to tell them at all, and that now she's been coached into how to deliver perjured testimony that could land Zimmerman in jail.
The problem is, a reasonably competent attorney can demolish "coaching" and "perjured testimony" in cross examination.

A lawyer friend of mine has said that cross examination is the best tool a trial lawyer has for getting at the truth. If I were sitting on that jury, hearing these bits of evidence would be enough to get me to discount her testimony, reasoning that it's flawed at best. Further, she's not an eyewitness to the incident, but claims to be an ear-witness who heard the sound of "wet grass". What sound does wet grass make which is audible over a cell phone?

* * *

Although I'm starting to wish I'd bought the large size trunk for the bike, rather than the smaller one, I can still get an impressive amount of stuff into that trunk. Yesterday I hit the grocery store for a few things on the motorcycle, and managed to get into the trunk:
1/2 gallon of milk
4 boxes of macaroni and cheese
1 lb of butter
1 large jar of grape jam
1 package of cookies
...and it all fit handily, with a bit of room to spare, without crushing or breaking anything.

It's nice that I can make literal milk runs on the bike. That's much more cost-effective than taking the Jeep, considering that the Jeep gets 15 MPG and the bike gets 65.

Having read the owner's manual, I now can start the bike up and ride off in relatively short order, without waiting for the engine to warm up completely. The manual advises running the engine with the choke on for about 40 seconds from a cold start (at least, in warm weather) before shutting it off entirely. Previously I'd adjust the choke so the throttle response was good but the choke was still on, and leave it there until I'd ridden half a mile or so. This way works too; it requires that I keep a little throttle on when sitting at the corner, waiting for traffic, but that's not horribly hard to do and I can safely ignore the choke for the rest of my trip.

It'll also be nice when I can finally afford to buy a bike with fuel injection, because there's no choke to worry about. Turn the ignition switch on, wait for the fuel pressure light to go off, hit the starter, ride away. Whee!

* * *

I've got the end theme for Hidamari Sketch stuck in my head. I was listening to my old MP3 SD card when I cut the grass yesterday (the one with Kansas on it--that's how I think of it) and that one has the complete directory of anime OP and ED themes that I digitized from fansubs, including HS. It's been a while since I heard a lot of those songs, including this one; now it's firmly wedged in my brain. *sigh*

At least it's better than some of the songs I've had stuck in my head.

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