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#3879: Nuclear power doesn't kill birds.

Vox Day refers to a news story from Britain about a super-rare bird being killed by a wind turbine in front of 40 onlookers.

Someone saw a "White-throated Needletail", and bird watchers were flocking to the area to see the thing. 80 were on the island specifically to see the thing, but it flew right into a windmill and died as forty people watched.

The corpse is apparently going to be sent to a museum.

Unlike windmills, nuclear power plants in normal daily operation don't kill birds. There has been, in fact, one incident in the history of nuclear power which has probably (only "probably") killed some birds, but that was the worst nuclear disaster in history--Chernobyl--and by definition it's not a daily occurrence.

Unlike the case with windmills, which do.

* * *

Og just schooled a bitch. Oh, snap.

You've got to love it when a guy in an aging Exploder out-drives a weenie in a modern muscle car. It's not what you drive, but how that counts.

* * *

The case against Zimmerman continues to fall apart.
A neighbor, John Good, who witnessed the fight between Trayvon Martin and George Zimmerman has just devastated the State’s case, testifying that he saw the fight between the two, that Trayvon was on top punching Mixed Martial Arts style, and that the scream must have come from Zimmerman because Zimmerman was on the bottom and Trayvon was faced away from the witness.
I feel sorry for the prosecutor; that's gonna leave a mark.

* * *

Karl Denninger says we've got problems. Dollar rising, Europe in trouble, interest rates climbing on the Fed's statements that they were going to taper QE--and now they're saying that's not the case, that we misunderstood them.

In past posts Denninger has made a good case for deflation, but unfortunately I didn't understand it very well. That is to say, I can see that he's probably right, but not how; when I try to evaluate the data I come to the conclusion that the government is pumping (credit) money into the economy, and that's inflationary.

Yet the price of gold is dropping, along with other commodities, even as employment is in the shitter and the other usual economic indicators are circling the drain. That says deflationary cycle; but I can't reconcile that with the way government is spending money.

Well, it's also true that reality doesn't care what I think about it, anyway.

* * *

So last night, after some...vigorous exercise...Mrs. Fungus and I decided we'd go get some Burger King. Well, BK was closed, so we thought we'd go find a Steak and Shake. I couldn't remember where it was (north of Rt 30, on 41, in Indiana *sigh*) so we then decided on Ihop, but the only one I know of was closed. We ended up driving around for an hour and a half, trying to find something that wasn't McDonald's, Wendy's, or Taco Bell, before settling on White Castle.

I did not expect the gastrointestinal symptoms. The last time I had sliders was in 2006, I think, and I was fine. But this time--when I woke up this morning around 7:30 it was to a churning stomach. Antacid took care of that, but then the gas pains started. I think there's going to be a hell of a blowdown in a couple of hours, after which I'll be fine, but for the moment I just feel rancid. I just wish it would blow down and get it over with.

It's a hell of a thing.

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