atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#3880: Not cataracts, as expected.

Went to the eye doc this morning. Since I'd planned to take the bike, I checked the radar first and saw no rain reported, go I got on the bike and went.

...and about two miles from home, ran into light rain. Drizzle verging on rain, with a few drops. *sigh*

But I made it to the doc's office without incident and not too damp (mainly the shins of my pants legs) and sat through the exam.

Verdict: everything's just fine. I have healthy eyes. I definitely do not have cataracts, not even the beginnings of them, because cataracts do not go away without surgery. Heck, my prescription hasn't even changed significantly. I don't remember when I got these glasses, but it's been three or four years.

Anyway, the doc figured that I got some gunk in my eye that damaged the outer layer of my corneal epithelium, and gave me some sample artificial tears to use after I mow the lawn on the theory that flushing my eyes with sterile saline will prevent future occurrences of this nonsense.

From now on, I am going to insist on seeing my doctor rather than a nurse practitioner, because WTF.

* * *

For future reference. Advice Goddess says that striking down DOMA won't result in the legalization of formal polygamy. I disagree.

* * *

Michael Flynn demonstrates that intellectual humor is mainly composed of old jokes that are refitted with specialized knowledge.

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