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#3881: Another culinary first for me.

Some time ago, Mrs. Fungus bought cornish hens. They went into the freezer for a while; I didn't know what to do with them and we had other matters to attend to, but I didn't forget about them. A couple of days ago they came out of the freezer to defrost, and last night I cooked them.

Of course I went to the Intartubzorz for a recipe, and this was the one I ended up using.

They came out delicious.

Being married has resulted in the expansion of my repertoire, and I'm learning that I can cook a heck of a lot more things than I thought. I have never been much of a gourmet, but it turns out that my admittedly limited repertoire is due just to a lack of inspiration: I don't go looking for new things to cook, not on my own, and I'm usually happy to cook something I know how to make.

* * *

Mrs. Fungus and I spent a couple of pleasant hours over the past couple of days playing WoW together--and I mean we were actually playing together, where our toons were in a party and we were running the same quests at the same time. (Rather than just being in the same room as we played.) A couple of weeks ago she made a goblin shaman and I dusted off Changesforms, the tauren druid I fiddled around with some time ago; once she was out of the goblin starting area we teamed up in Orgrimmar. Changesforms was 17th level at the time, but now is 26th, and Mrs. Fungus' goblin is over 20th level.

To make things even more fun? Last night we grouped with my niece (the one in Maine). Whee!

* * *

About a mile east of the bunker, someone was setting off some big fireworks. I did the old trick of counting seconds and was consistently getting about 4.5, which makes the site a bit less than a mile away, but there's nothing but houses over that way.

Since Independence Day is just around the corner, I guess it's to be expected. But as I said, some of them were big shells, meaning whoever was lighting the fuses last night spent some serious money, and either hired some professionals or was himself one. (It's not unheard of. If you've got a pyrotechnics license....)

* * *

So I installed this game on my Nook HD+, a racing game. It's a side-scroller, and you have two controls--throttle and brake (though the brake also functions as a "reverse" pedal)--to herd your monster truck/car down a roller coaster-esque path.

I am on the fourth "warm up" track, and I can. not. get past it.

I have managed to get to the end of the course three times. Each of those three times I have been over the time limit--the last by less than half a second!--which of course means I must go back and do it again. For each successful, if tardy, navigation, I typically crash and burn anywhere from a dozen to a score times.

When I am playing a game on my tablet, I don't want "fucking impossible". In fact, I never want that in a game; I play games to relax and to let my brain shut off. It doesn't have to be stupid easy but I shouldn't have to make fifty attempts to get past a single level.

The hell of it is, I otherwise really like this game. The physics are nicely handled and it's a good-looking game. *sigh*

Speaking of the tablet, though, I found a version of DosBox for Android (it's in beta right now), which means I could run old DOS games on the thing if I can find a way to get them into it. A Bluetooth keyboard would stand me in good stead here, because the on-screen keyboard obscures half the screen. Even so, I looked at the DOS prompt on the thing and laughed....

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