atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#3883: For crying out loud

It's a job application, you know, for a cashier position. I'm not applying for a security clearance or root access to your mainframe!

One of the things that really gripes my wagger about on-line job hunting is the way some employers insist on having multiple security questions. I mean, the average schmoe (self included) is interested only in submitting an application for employment, and will probably use the account one time, so why all the nonsense?

For a certain application I had to pick answers to four security questions. Also, my usual password for job applications--this is the only instance in which I use the same password across multiple accounts--my usual password is not good enough for them, but must include a number and a special character. Because hackers.

Sure, you never know when a hacker might crack my password so he can...apply for a job. On a web site where you can create an account and immediately have access to the application system. Yeah. Bonus points for making me do a CAPTCHA, because of course spammers love to spam job applications.

(Eh? "Identity theft"? Sure. And there are probably easier ways for an identity thief to steal my identity than getting it from a job application site.)

The other thing I dislike is when they have you upload your resume...and then ask you to spend twenty minutes filling out forms which duplicate the information in your resume. I don't mind telling them details like addresses and phone numbers--stuff that's not on the resume--but when they ask me to describe the job duties I invariably blurt, "Why the hell do you need this again?"

Since we live in an overweenified world of HR pukes and bureaucrats, though, I fill out the stupid forms.

And while I'm on the topic, let's talk about the stupidity of starting your "job experience" year spinner in 1950. Okay, it's just possible that someone might apply for a job whose first job was "paperboy" when he was 10 in 1950, but the page explicitly asks for job experience over "the last ten years". 2013 minus 10 equals 2003.

Of course, some guy could have worked for Ford or something since he first got a job there at age 16, in 1950, retired after 63 years on the job...and is now looking for something to fill his time with. That man would only be 79 now. Sure, it's possible, but I don't think it's very likely, you know? (Our hypothetical 1950s paperboy would be 73. Let's have him unload the truck.) (Though, to be honest, there are plenty of 73-year-olds out there who could.)

At least they could start the spinner at the current year, instead of 63 years ago. Sheesh.

Lastly--and this one really annoys me--is how you frequently have to re-enter everything for each application. That is to say, it's a pleasant surprise when you want to apply for multiple jobs on a site and you don't have to go through the entire application process for each one. I mean, the information isn't going to change based on what job I'm applying for; I still have the same work history and resume and availability and-and-and. It's stupid to make someone re-type all that shit.

If this is what I must do to find a job, guess what I'm going to do? But I reserve the right to complain about it....

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