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#3884: It might even hit 70 today.

Dang, this is just cold for July. Yesterday was gorgeous, and when I went out to run errands on the motorcycle it was just perfect biking weather, but for the wind--and even that wasn't too bad. On my way home from running to the FedEx store (in order to fax something) I noted that I had a choice between gloriously cool weather, or little wind. The wind has been kind of stiff, but not gusty, but it's from a direction that keeps us cool. I'll take it.

We had a little rain this morning. No idea if it'll remain dry for the rest of the day, but I've got to get that grass cut pretty soon. I neglected it Sunday and Monday, but can't keep doing that else I'll need a herd of goats the next time I do it.

* * *

Nothing in the news inspires comment. I think it's going to be a slow week just because the holiday falls on Thursday this year. We'll get the usual nonsense from the safety nazis, of course, about how fireworks will kill you dead if you light more than one sparkler at a time. *sigh*

Looks like the artist behind Red and Rover understands the danger implicit in New York's impending sparkler legalization:

So tomorrow's strip will feature Red mixing household chemicals to make explosives, Thursday's strip will be the explosion and the bloody pile of smoldering body parts, and Friday, the closed-casket funeral. Because Fireworks Are Dangerous And People Are Too Stupid To Be Allowed To Have Them.

That's insulting, when the safety nazis stage their demonstrations, always using child-sized mannequins. They position the mannequin with its face over some kind of package fireworks. They also drape the mannequin with clothing and then set up the sparklers so they light the clothing on fire. Of course the mannequin can't drop the sparkler, the way any person with a pain respone and reflexes would, so it catches fire, and supposedly this shows us How Dangerous Fireworks Are.

Yes, there are stupid people out there who will let their toddlers play with fireworks. No, that doesn't mean we should ban all fireworks. Let's face it: there are all kinds of dangerous things in the world, but we can't ban them all just because someone's kid might hurt himself with them.

Yeah, I hate the nanny state bullshit.

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