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#389: Excellent.

My pick for the GOP candidate for President in 2008 writes here about the health care system of Cuba. I am going to have to look for more of his writing.

Ooh, here is the archive of his columns.

* * *

Yesterday I finished watching Okusama wa Joshikousei. We were treated to a scene where Asami and her husband almost consummated their marriage--her clothes were out of the way, anyway--but her father came in and they suddenly were sitting on opposite sides of the table again.

But I know it wasn't another fantasy sequence because their cat popped out from under Asami's skirt with her panties around it. Heh. One last bit of fan service before the end of the series; and by implication she was wandering around all evening, in a house that was now full of guests, wearing a mini skirt with no panties on underneath. Ya-hoo.

* * *

This article discusses China's refusal to limit its greenhouse gas emissions. Since China is set to surpass the US' carbon dioxide emissions as early as this year, what are we to think?

Will the people who now blame the US for "future global warming" now blame China? Don't count on it.

* * *

While watching an episode of You're Under Arrest! I learned of the existence of "misepan"--panties which are meant to be worn under very short skirts or in other situations where your panties may become visible.

"Misepan" was obviously a contraction of two words: miseru, meaning "to show", and pantii, "panties". The same way the kids' anime series Pocket Monsters became Pokémon, and "lolita complex" became lolikon, panties which are made to be shown are misepan. Interesting.

If one says "Pantii-o mite kudasai" that means "please look at [ie see] the panties". "Panties made to be seen" would probably have been mitepan rather than misepan.

The only reason I know all this is because I long ago mastered saying "show me your panties" in Japanese: Pantii-o misete kudasai.

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