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#3886: It's a good thing I can make pancakes now.

Mrs. Fungus requested pancakes for breakfast last night, so I set out the jug of pancake mix to remind myself. When the alarm went off this morning, I got out of bed and hied myself to the kitchen.

...the large jug makes fourteen 4" pancakes, which is a bit more than two people need. From now on, I'm only going to buy the small ones. I ate six, myself, but Mrs. Fungus only got around three and there were two spares besides. The birds will feast well, I guess.

* * *

Pat Quinn is a thoroughgoing Democrat. He's planning to use "amendatory veto power" (whatever the hell that is) to change the concealed carry permit law now creaking arthiritically through the Illinois state government.

Quinn's restrictions include banning guns from places that serve alcohol, and limiting civilians to carrying one gun and ten rounds. (Cops, of course, will still get to carry as many guns and magazines as they like.) So, if you have a gun that can hold 14 rounds, you will only be allowed to load 10 rounds into it.
[Quinn] also added a restriction so that licensed gun owners would only be allowed to carry a single concealed gun and one ammunition clip holding up to 10 rounds.
Typical writing from someone who obviously doesn't know beans about guns. Does this mean one spare MAGAZINE or one magazine, all told? It'd be nice if the writer was able to write clearly.

I wouldn't put it past Illinois to require that you carry your gun and its ammunition seperately, and only load it when you intend to fire it, but somehow I doubt that's what this means. If Quinn is limiting a person to carrying a loaded gun with one spare magazine of not more than 10 rounds, that's an entirely different animal from limiting a person to carrying one gun with one magazine in it, loaded with 10 rounds.

As always, though, I do believe that the police should have to adhere to the same laws that the citizenry does. If the average person may only carry one gun with ten rounds (or twenty, whatever the law says), then the cops should be limited to the same.

* * *

Today's Critter report: Critter was measured at 29 inches long last night. This is down from the weekly high of a full 36 inches measured on Monday night.

* * *

I agree with Natalie:

No, I'm never pessimistic. *sigh*

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