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#3891: I never thought I'd see this day.

The Peoples' Demokratik Republik of Illinoistan--formerly the last state of the union which banned the civil right of self-defense--has become a shall-issue state.

I was certain that this shithole would do the absolute minimum to adhere to the Supreme Court decision that struck down the state's ban on citizens carrying firearms. I was certain because this state is entirely a Democrat feifdom and Democrats never met a gun control law they didn't like; "may issue" generally puts onerous requirements on citizens who want to exercise their right to self defense, and leaves the final decision up to the police chief of the town they live in, making it hit-or-miss if you can actually get your CCW permit or not. (Hint: if you're buddies with the chief, or an important politician, you're in. Otherwise....)

To my surprise, though, the law which was finalized at the last possible instant is, in fact, shall-issue. This means that if you jump through the hoops and pay the fees, you get your CCW regardless of what some local politican or policeman thinks.

(Assuming you are eligible to own firearms, of course, by having a valid FOID card. I didn't say things were now perfect. Only better.)

It's kind of interesting to see how the Illinois Democrats shot themselves in the foot with this one. Pat Quinn thought he could insert all kinds of qualifications, and purposely waited until the last few days before doing it after having the bill on his desk since May. But because he waited that long, he gave the legislature Hob's choice: they either had to approve Quinn's modifications--with next year being an election year--or they had to override his "amendatory veto". Failure to do either would result in Constitutional carry becoming law in Illinois, and that left the legislature with no time to debate Quinn's modifications.

The stuff I'm hearing from some PDRI Democrats says interesting things. Many of the PDRI Democrats would have preferred Quinn's version, but that was politically impossible to pass legislatively for a variety of reasons. If they had pushed for it--if they had withheld their votes to get that version--they would have lost all controls on CCW in Illinois. "If you can own it, you can carry it" would have become the law of the land, and if there's anything that's anathema to Democrats it's the idea of an average citizen being allowed to use his own judgement to determine what gun he carries, how he carries it, and where, without any government oversight.

There now is no state in the union which does not allow CCW, one way or another.

Vox Day has the map which blew my wig last night.

I was so sure PDRI would be "may issue" it never occurred to me that we'd get a "shall issue" law...and yet that's what we have. It's like getting bumped to the head of the line or something. Dang!

* * *

PSH over floating nuclear reactors. It's not going to be "Chernobyl at sea" unless they're building graphite-moderated reactors in rusty barges, and somehow I doubt that's the case.

For evidence, the writer talks about a Soviet-era nuclear-powered icebreaker having reactor troubles--an incident so severe that we never heard of it until recently. It didn't exactly set off radiation detectors all over Europe, the way Chernobyl did, you know what I sayin'?

From the first comment:
Perhaps you're trying to insult the Russians by suggesting their modern plants are all the same as the Chernobyl design. Your posts would be much less embarrassing if you did even a little technology research.

What will be your next idea? Ban the production of modern cars based on the safety record of the 1938 VW beetle?
Could not agree more.

* * *

Economists are talking about more "unexpected" doom and gloom, this time from China. That's right: none of these Ivy-league brainy brain-heads expected China's economy to start coughing up dicks, because leftism. It's almost as if the laws of supply and demand mean something, you know?

The problem these guys have is that it's so hard to evaluate a dynamic system, most people refuse to bother.

Now, when you're looking at an electrical circuit--anything more complex than a flashlight--you cannot just consider the steady state, but must think about what happens in the circuit when things change. It's impossible to design even a simple transistor switch without considering how the circuit will function when energized, what will happen when the power is cut, and so on. (Capacitor C1 charges, raising the voltage on the base of transistor Q1, pushing Q1 into saturation, which allows current to flow through the transistor until....) You can't ignore the dynamic considerations if you want your circuit to work the way you intend it to work. (Unless, as I said, you are designing something egregiously simple, like a flashlight. Close switch, light on; open switch, light off. The wiring in a house is no more complex than that.)

The same is also true for mechanical systems. Just as an example, the tires on your car are precision assemblies and must be able to be balanced to within a certain specification, else they're no good for driving long distances at high speed. You can do a decent job with static balance (putting the wheel on a fixture and balancing it by adding weights until it's level) but you get a much better balance by spinning it at high speed and balancing out the wobbles.

But apparently when it comes to economics there's no such thing as a dynamic system. You change the conditions (add a tax here, shrink a demographic there, add wealth a third place) but it's supposed to go right on functioning the way it always has! The Chinese economy, for example--built primarily on exports--is supposed to run at top speed despite the worldwide economic depression we've been in since 2008. (Well...these economists insist we'be been in an economic recovery since 2009, but that recovery is itself doing "poorer than expected" by those self-same economists.)

In other words, these idiots don't know dick. Why do we keep listening to them?

* * *

A group of major Democrat contributors is exempted from a law expanding the statute of limitations on sex abuse lawsuits. Who is this sinister group? Public school teachers, that's who.

Gee, the party of Even Bigger Government exempting government employees from a law. O I am stunned.

* * *

If these were regular folks they'd just say "John Kerry is an idiot." I'm not saying that George W. Bush was the best President we've had in modern times--that's not even remotely true--but he sure is a damned sight better than the Democrat offerings we've seen.

* * *

I'm not even remotely surprised that urban hipster douchebags give up on keeping chickens because it's "too hard".
The problem with urban farmed chickens starts at birth when hipsters purchase chicks from the same hatcheries that supply large commercial poultry producers.

However, the commercial chickens are specifically bread to produce as many eggs as possible in the shortest amount of time which, when combined with the enhanced feed commonly used by urban farmers, leads to a egg laying cycle of as little as 18 months.

After that, the chickens either develop reproductive problems and die or they keep on living for up to a decade.

Thus, the urban farmer is left with a loud, non-egg laying "pet" that is a prime target for hungry rats, foxes, raccoons and even the occasional hawk.

“People don’t know what they’re doing,” Britton Clouse said. “And you’ve got this whole culture of people who don’t know what the hell they’re doing teaching every other idiot out there.”
First off, "bread to produce"? SPELLCHECK FTW!!!

Second, "this whole culture of people who don't know what the hell they're doing" very nicely encapsulates the entirety of the urban hipster douchebag culture. We're talking about morons who think they're smarter than everyone, but apparently are not smart enough to realize that when a hen stops laying eggs YOU EAT THE HEN.

That was the motivating factor in Chicken Run, but in real life chickens aren't smart enough even to conceive of existence, much less its ending. Any animal which can live without its head is, generally, not exactly high on the food chain.

Okay: it's pretty harsh, I will give you that. "This hen has provided eggs for us and we've been taking care of it, and now you want us to eat it just because it stopped laying eggs? But it's so fluffy!" Sadly, that's what you do. If you want to be a farmer it means you don't take care of the animal past its usefulness. (If, that is, you wish to be a farmer who earns a living rather than accept money from the government and live in an urban apartment.) When the hens stop laying, they get eaten.

"'It’s the stupid foodies,' said Britton Clouse[.] 'We’re just sick to death of it.'" If you're really a foodie, you ought to relish the chance to slaughter, clean, and cook your own chicken. Think of how fresh the meat is. "The hell with 'not frozen'; this bird's never even been refrigerated. It was hopping around the yard and pecking at gravel only this morning, and now--after a while in the oven--it's dinner. Dig in, everyone!"

(Everyone looks sick and looks at the salad, but for Ed, who greedily reaches for the entire bird....)

(And Og. Og would be right there with me. We'd have to split it.)

* * *

WTF is going on with the Zimmerman case? Says here the prosecution is dropping a charge and adding 3rd degree murder and "felony child abuse"...and they're only just now starting closing arguments.

How nice: "We want to change what the defendent is charged with at the last possible minute, and without giving his defense team time to do any research to answer the charge." Fortunately, the judge ruled that the defense team had to have some time to research the law, but when the hearings resumed, denied the prosecution's request to change the charges.

So Zimmerman faces the 2nd degree murder charge and allows the jury to consider a lesser charge of manslaughter, in accordance with laws that are already on the books and prior case law. (Not the whims of a prosecutor who is desperate to make a conviction.)

On the gripping hand, I do agree with the defense attorney that if the state wanted the jury to consider a charge of manslaughter, they should have brought a charge of manslaughter.

It's bizzare and stupid for the state to say, suddenly, "Hey, he was abusing a child!" Particularly when the "child" in question was on top of him, punching him in the face and bashing his head against the sidewalk. But as I said, they really want to convict him.

* * *

Apparently Washington state has absolutely nothing else to worry about. They're instead doing their best to rewrite state laws to be politically correct.

"'This was a much larger effort than I had envisioned. Mankind means man and woman,' Democratic state Sen. Jeanne Kohl-Welles of Seattle told Reuters." ...which I have been saying from the get-go. You don't need to say "humankind" because "mankind" means everyone--man, woman, child, "transgender", whatever. If your genome is that of homo sapiens sapiens, you're part of "mankind".

Even so, I think the entirety of PC-speak is bullshit, but that's a tale already plainly told.

* * *

So, automakers are idiots. Why are we surprised by this?

I don't use my cell phone for navigation; my $100 Garmin GPS does that job handsomely, doesn't cost me anything additional (ie connect or data charges) to do it, and the NSA can't track me though it to boot.

I don't want a fancy touchscreen thing in my car. I want a standard DIN radio so I can replace it with something better if I want to without having to pay $30,000 for a custom dashboard.

I don't want my car to have wireless connections to computers for many of the reasons Denninger mentions. Oh, I'm not planning to drive drunk or high, or visit hookers, but my movements are none of the government's business.

If the government believes that I am committing criminal acts, the government should have to get warrants and spend money to collect evidence against me. I refuse to pay for the privelege of providing it to them all gift-wrapped with a fancy bow on it. Absent the suspicion of wrongdoing on my part, government should not be snooping on me.

The role of law enforcement is punishing criminals, not preventing crime. The latter is impossible, and giving government the power to try will lead to a totalitarianist state.

Ironically enough, the right to self defense is critical to the prevention of crime; you don't go stick a gun in someone's face and demand his wallet if you think that guy might be carrying a gun, himself. But government cannot prevent all crime; no one can--and it's not the job of government to prevent it, anyway; if it were, people would be able to sue the government for failure to protect them from crimes.

But you can't. Try, and the government lawyers will bring up case after case after case where someone sued the police or the government or-or-or for letting them be robbed/beaten/bilked/raped/whatever, and the verdict will be the same: the police (government) are not responsible for your safety. Their only responsibility is to capture the guy who did it to you, and the judicial system's only responsibility is to give them a trial and punishment according to the law and constitution. They're not obligated to protect you, nor are they required (most of the time) to consider your feelings when turning the wheels of justice.

Naturally the first thing any leftist wants is to take the right to self-defense away from the people. If the people can't defend themselves from criminals, naturally they'll demand that government do it...and give up everything for the sake of that security. In the process of doing that, the people will find themselves being ruled over by leftists who care only about their own personal power...and the people find themselves living in Soviet Russia.

* * *

It was hot yesterday, but as afternoon turned to evening the weather cooled precipitously, but without precipitation. Mrs. Fungus and I went out to do some shopping and take care of some errands, and by the time we got home it was cool eno9ugh outside that I shut off the AC and opened up the bunker.

Today is pleasant, and tomorrow is forecast to be pleasant. Further, deponent sayeth not, but I'll take it. Last year I had to run the AC during the entirety of July, and I'm hoping I won't have to do that this year.

* * *

It hasn't been that long since Mrs. Fungus created Tokyomilk, but she's already hit 40th, and Changesforms hit 40th a few minutes before. She's amazed at how quickly her goblin shaman is advancing.

I am not. If you spend your game time doing dailies, world events, pet battles, and questing in zones that are far beneath your character's level--and not doing dungeons--your toon will advance at a dead slow pace. Mrs. Fungus was brought into WoW by Sailor V, and used to group with him all the time; but his style of playing concentrates on doing the easy things, grabbing the low-hanging fruit, and playing the auction house, rather than character advancement.

But when my wife groups with me, we run quests in level-appropriate zones without stopping for low-return activities--like feeding chocolate cake to someone's toons so they all get an otherwise worthless achievement--and spend our game time playing the game rather than standing around waiting for someone to finish running the fishing and cooking dailies.

Shoot--when it comes to power-leveling, I'm a piker. It's possible to start a toon on Monday and have him hit 90th by Friday, but you really have to work at it and I'm too lazy to make a chore out of having fun. But if I had a dollar for every time Mrs. Fungus has said to me, "I've never done this before!" while we've been playing WoW over the past couple of weeks, I could probably go buy a new motorcycle helmet. Dungeon, quest in this or that zone, etcetera. It amazes me how little of WoW she's actually seen, considering how long she's been playing. Even an hour or two per night for her first year on the game should have led to her seeing most of the content; but I find that I still have to show her where things are.

WTF, she didn't even know that the numlock key lets you run without holding anything down. "How are you running without touching the keyboard?" She asked me. *sigh* Well, she's learning now, anyway.

Next step: role-playing. Sooner or later I'll get her to run a toon in character. Whee!

* * *

Well, while we were out and about yesterday, Mrs. Fungus and I decided to try a chinese buffet place, and the outcome was...less than stellar. Both of us are suffering from gut malf of one sort or another--her worse than me--and twelve hours ago I would not have bet either of us would be functional today.

Still, she went to work and I am here, bloggeratin', and have a "honey do" I must attend to; my stomach is demanding food, the sun's shining, the birds are singing, and all seems right with the world.

Especially since today we are a little bit freer than we were on Monday.

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