atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#3896: NOT F-ING GUILTY!!!

The jury is in and they said Zimmerman is not guilty on all counts. NOT GUILTY.

Cue the race riots!

Of course the black community will be up in arms about this. From the beginning of the whole imbroglio the press has been fanning the flames, making this into a race issue. They've gone so far as to deliberately report misinformation about the whole case even after it was demonstrated false, because the truth of the matter didn't fit their template.

It was never about race; it was about a black kid, high on God-knows-what, freaking out and beating the shit out of a guy who was keeping an eye on him because he looked like he was up to no good. Only the other guy was armed, and shot the kid because he was fearing for his life.

The guy in charge of the police department down there got fired because he evaluated the black-letter law and Zimmerman's rights and said, "Self-defense. There's no crime here." The DA bringing the case against Zimmerman tampered with witnesses and trumped up charges, and tried a last-minute switcheroo after the defense had rested, because this case was never about determining whether Zimmerman had committed a crime but about generating a reason to limit the right to self defense.

That was the whole thrust from the get go: this was meant to generate an excuse to repeal Florida's "stand your ground" law. Only the situation had nothing to do with "stand your ground", because Martin was sitting on top of Zimmerman, bashing his head against the sidewalk, and punching him. Zimmerman could not flee, meaning "stand your ground" was irrelevant, and so the case was a simple matter of self defense.

Still, having generated all the racial fooraw, they had to ride the horse. Now that blacks all over the country were incensed by the "raciss killing of Trayvon" any dismissal of the case would result in riots, so they did everything they could even to cheating and they still could not prove even second degree murder. They couldn't even get the jury to convict on manslaughter.

So, what will happen next? Well, as happened with Rodney King, we can expect the US government to bring a civil rights lawsuit against George Zimmerman, because racism, and the feds want to make sure he is punished somehow for having the audacity to think that a black youth who was up to no good was in fact up to no good, and then to defend himself when said black youth began to beat the everloving shit out of him.

And even now, reportedly, black crowds are gathering and chanting, "No justice, no peace!" Because they don't want justice; they want revenge.

But I notice those same crowds aren't upset over the 74 shootings--twelve fatal--in Chicago last weekend, twelve of which were fatal, and most of which (it is likely) were gang-related and therefore occurred among young black men. See, unlike Trayvon Martin, those murders were ignored by the media, because it was (likely) black-on-black violence and there's no sensation there. But if you get someone who can be called "white" shooting a black guy in self-defense, because said black guy is beating the piss out of him UNPROVOKED....

Like Rodney King, this case is pure racism.

Rodney King got the crap beaten out of him by police because he was high on PCP and led the police on a merry chase. When he finally did stop, the cops were unable to get the cuffs on him, and because he was on PCP he simply could not be subdued. That is why they beat the piss out of him, and that's why the cops were found "not guilty"; Rodney King had violated the law in several ways and was resisting arrest, and it was all his fault he was in that situation.

But because the cops were white, and he was black, we were supposed to ignore his violations of the law, and exonerate him of his crimes? Were the police supposed to let him go when he resisted arrest? Would the case have been remarked on if the cops were black and Rodney King white?

In any case, the cops were tried for a variety of crimes, and found not guilty...and there were riots. And the complaint we heard--especially from white liberals--was that "Rodney King didn't get a fair trial!" Except Rodney King was not on trial. The police who arrested him were on trial, and because they were found not guilty for doing their jobs according to established police procedure, which includes using nonlethal means to subdue suspects during arrest, somehow Rodney King had been unfairly tried?

Whatever happened in Florida, the jury has ruled that George Zimmerman was not at fault. This will be intolerable for the usual suspects (Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, etc) and we are going to hear white liberals and blacks alike complain, "Trayvon Martin didn't get a fair trial!"

And there's not much I can add to that.

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