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#3898: If that was a riot, it was anemic.

So after last night's post, I went to look at Fox News to see what was happening. Most of the time I don't bother watching television news because of the leftist bias it has. Fox News is moderate but still not totally square, and so I tend to avoid it all. But I needed breaking news, and the broadcast media are the best at doing that, so off I went.

What I saw was a group of eight protestors holding up a sign while one of them in a New Black Panthers uniform harangued the crowd. As I continued watching, I saw that these people were the only real protestors present; everyone else was either a spectator or with the media. I did see a white woman sitting with her four "children of color" and a sign protesting the decision, but they didn't seem connected with the first group (unless she was the wife of a New Black Panther? I don't know.)

Three of the eight with the New Black Panthers and their sign were Standard White Liberal College Kids: the skinny guy with a fungal growth on his face that's trying to be a beard, Bruna the Stocky Lesbian, and Stick Girl the Bespectacled. (You now know everything you need to about these three based on their appearances.) After watching the news for perhaps half an hour, I realized nothing was going to happen (at least, not Saturday night) and returned to the computer.

Meanwhile Steven gets a laugh out of the liberal wails on MeFi. Apparently someone over at that liberal shithole has said that this decision means Florida now issues "black man hunting licenses".

I tried reading the stuff Steven links to, but unfortunately I find the typical leftist's willing ignorance of reality to be infuriating. Karl Denninger is more my speed, even if he does overuse the emphasis.

Still, there are reports of "demonstrations" coming down through the Intartubzorz, though no reports of violence yet. We'll have to see how things go, I guess. It would be very, very nice if the media and race pimps had failed to enrage the black population sufficiently to give them the riots they so desperately wanted.

But, what the hell--I suppose the Department of Justice could always pay people to riot, if nothing else.

* * *

The back yard was a riot of fireflies last night, so I spent some time on the back patio watching them. Always a worthwhile pursuit.

* * *

I've been playing this game on my Nook HD+ called Gurk". It's an 8-bit-style RPG in the vein of the early Ultima series, only without as much story. It's pretty bare bones, but entertaining in its own way; you have a group of three pre-generated characters--a knight, an archer, and a wizard--in a typical blocky tile RPG world. There's no direction given; you just explore and fight monsters and upgrade equipment while gaining levels. The stronger the characters are, the deeper you can explore the various dungeons.

Gameplay is...clunky, but not egregiously so. The "pain in the ass" factor is moderate but the simplicity of the game and its diffculty level compensate for that. Most of the PITA factor comes from having to use on-screen controls which are too small for my fingers.

The other game I have on the thing, but which I haven't played as much, is Iruna. This game is a full 3D MMORPG and it looks gorgeous. Gameplay is also clunky, but for a different reason; it took me three or four (short) sessions of the game to figure out how to turn the camera so I could see the terrain in back of me.

One of the things that bugs me most about games like this is how they don't set the camera up so that you're always looking in the direction the character is. When I turn to the right, I want the camera to move right, too, but in several cases (Tera, Guild Wars 2) turning the camera requires different controls than the movement ones. Trying to move right makes the character strafe right and the camera moves laterally instead of turning. This is fine if you are only being attacked from the direction you're looking, but as these are 3D games, monsters and other antagonists can get behind you.

In the case of GW2 I figured out how to change the controls such that the character turned rather than strafed, but Iruna--like many tablet- and phone-based apps--is not nearly as configurable.

And speaking of which--

They "improved" Chrome for Android. It updated without asking me, and now when I scoll a web page, the tab bar scrolls off-screen with it. To get it back I must scroll down, and sometimes it appears only to hide itself again. There is, of course, no way to turn off this behavior, and if you do tabbed browsing (as I do, a lot) this gets frustrating very quickly.

In fact, there are almost no options whatsoever. There isn't even a way to organize bookmarks in the thing; Chrome lacks a bookmark tab (of course) and you can't set it to alphabetize them, much less put them in any other kind of order. You also can't change the way they display; you get a grid of 28 icons per page (though the list will scroll if you have more) and if you don't like that or want some other kind of view? Tough. The only thing you can really do to organize your bookmarks is to set up folders, and even that is handled in a clunky and obnoxious way.

The YouTube app just works, though, and presents no trouble or obnoxiousness. Ditto for HBO Go (to which Mrs. Fungus has a subscription, via her job) and Pandora. The video is crisp and clean and the audio is great.

* * *

Now it's Sunday afternoon. July is just about half over. Whee!

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