atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#3900: Right on schedule, here comes the DoJ to file civil rights charges.

It used to be that double jeopardy was a violations of one's civil rights, but not any more. Nope! If the state fails to get the race lynching accomplished, then the feds take over.

See, here's why it's scummy to do this: if the feds wanted to try Zimmerman for that stuff on the grounds that he had somehow violated the civil rights of a man who was beating the shit out of him without provocation, they should have been preparing this from the get-go. Instead they waited until the state failed to convict him of something, and now are winding up the federal lynch mobs prosecutors in order to punish Zimmerman for having the gall to protect himself from an unprovoked attack.

Let me remind you: following someone is not grounds for attacking him. You don't get to jump on someone, sit on him, bash his head into the sidewalk, and pound on him. That's not legal self-defense; that's you saying to yourself, "That bitch dissin' me, man, and I gonna get him fo' it!"

The most damning thing is in the timeline; Martin had an opportunity simply to go home but instead doubled back to attack Zimmerman. That shows mens rea, that Martin intended to confront Zimmerman; the chief of police in that jurisdiction refused to arrest Zimmerman initially because he thought so, and the jury must've agreed because they found Zimmerman not guilty. That intention to confront Zimmerman is not covered by the "stand your ground" law because all Zimmerman was doing was walking behind Martin in a public place, going the same direction. That's not aggressive behavior, at least not the sort which would have enabled Martin to claim self defense.

If someone is walking behind me, and I double back, get in his face, and beat the crap out of him, I am the aggressor. Regardless of circumstances, I started the fight. Since there are no witnesses who say that Zimmerman was verbally abusing Martin, or calling him names, or taunting him--since Zimmerman was merely following Martin--Martin had no legal recourse. You are not allowed to attack someone just because you feel "disrespected", and it does not constitute self-defense. (Contrary to the arguments put forth by the dipshit liberal sector.)

So when he was attacked, knocked to the ground, and beaten, Zimmerman defended himself. And since the state rightly found him not guilty of wrongdoing, now the federal government is going to step in and make sure Zimmerman is punished.

It's double jeopardy, trying him a second time for the same set of circumstances under a ginned-up charge solely because the state failed to convict. It's wrong because they would not be doing this if he'd been found guilty.

This is the federal government saying, "You did something, and we're going to make sure you are punished for it!" This is entirely a political prosecution, done solely for political reasons and not because the defendant is actually guilty of violating any laws.

But of course we have a black racist running the Department of Justice, someone who won't prosecute clear violations of the law that are committed by black people. I guess this kind of mockery is to be expected.

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