atomic_fungus (atomic_fungus) wrote,

#3902: 80° at 9 PM means AC stays ON.

Because WTF.

The high today hit 92°. Inside the bunker it remained a comfortable 76° with a much lower dewpoint than outside.

Even so, now I am sweating, because I just finished vacuuming the entire house. Not that it needed it or anything, because--oh no:


Critter has been measured at 36" again! He's really going for the record!

--because the hot weather makes Critter lay on his back on the floor, exposing as much surface area as he can, because that's the only way a maine coon can stay cool without panting. The cat is covered in fine long fur two inches long, and it's a bit longer on his belly. When I pet him, I am rewarded with tufts of fine fur floating in the air, and when I brush him, I have enough fur for another cat or two.

I vacuumed a similar amount of fur out of the carpeting tonight. O Lord.

This is a cat who loves me to pieces. Mrs. Fungus has a plethora of pictures of this cat laying on me or next to me, in my rocking chair, in bed, on the sofa. (Her iPad's desktop image is one of these: me sitting on the sofa with Critter in my lap.) He'll be all over me all day, then go take a nap around dinnertime; when Mrs. Fungus gets home from work he'll go greet her, and then come over to me and want to sit in my lap.

And it's been like this from the first time I met him. He never had to "warm up" to me; he's loved me like this from the get-go. It's flattering, but in hot weather like this it's also a bit much to have a walking, purring carpet want to cuddle with you all the time.

There are, however, worse things in this world; please don't get the idea that I'm complaining about this.

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