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#3903: Can you tell when Mrs. Fungus has days off?

I bet you can. Man, those NSA goons have thought of everything, haven't they?

It continues to be blistering hot outside. I stepped outside before bed last night, and at 2:30 in the morning it was a firkin' sauna out there. I'm going to enjoy the air conditioning while I can, because I fully expect electricity to cost far too much next year to use it. *sigh*

* * *

WORM makes a note of the fact that the federal debt has remained static for 57 days.

Somehow, the US federal government has managed to hold the line on spending, because the debt remains some 25 million below the ceiling. Somehow.

As WORM notes, it's just possible that the numbers are being gamed....

* * *

Facts are, after all, anathema to government. Intel founders Moore and Noyce were immigrants, didn't you know that?

...they were immigrants from flyover country.

Wait--no, that doesn't work, because Moore was born in San Francisco, which is most assuredly not "flyover country", not even when he was born.

* * *

$2 gas? No. There are several reasons why gasoline is still FOUR TWENTY A GALLON (in the Fungal Vale, at least).

One: by federal law, refineries must use a certain amount of ethanol, and if they can't they must buy tax numbers to compensate. The problem is, nearly all the cars on the road use E10, and at current usage levels there simply isn't enough demand for E10 fuel. (E85 is not offered everywhere because that stuff requires its own pump, like diesel.) That is to say, the total gasoline sales of the US aren't enough to consume as much ethanol as the federal government requires. This being the case, refineries must buy the tax IDs, and these add $1 per gallon to the cost of fuel.

Never before have so few required so much from so many, for so little purpose.

Two: although we're pumping oil from the ground at a record pace, the US still lacks refining capacity. No new refineries have been built since 1977, and demand for fuel has risen. We run our refineries around the clock at 110% of maximum capacity and still we have to buy refined fuel from abroad.

Three: because of environmentalists, the only inexpensive way to bring additional electrical generating capacity on-line is to build oil-fired power plants. They're cheap and quick to build, but they consume petroleum rather than coal or uranium, and that makes all other petroleum fuels more expensive. (Besides, they're less efficient than coal and a damned sight dirtier than nuclear.)

Notice please that all three of these reasons are environmental in nature. The first is stupid worries over carbon dioxide; the second is "OMG they smell so bad and what about spills"; the third is more of 1 and 2.

And it's all making gasoline cost a hell of a lot more than it needs to.

* * *

"Why are you picking on Sailor V?" department:

Well, I figure as long as he's going to mine my blog for things to tell my wife--things which she already knows, such as "Ed was playing WoW today!" and "Ed was watching fireflies!" accompanied with something approximating "I worked really hard today!"--in order to try to make me look bad, I figure I might as well give him something to complain about.

As if I were secretly playing WoW without telling my wife, you know? Doing it on the sly so she doesn't find out, right? "My wife is at work! Now I can go into the secret chamber to play WoW!" Yes, honey, my mistress is a female orc warrior named Bruna. *rolleyes*

Hell, half the time she tells me about this stuff and adds, "I don't care if you play WoW." She knows what I do during the day--and better than Sailor V does, I might add.

* * *

Today, however, I have things to attend to. I am probably not going to cut the grass; we haven't had much rain and the front lawn is starting to turn brown. The back grass could use a trim, but it's not long enough to require cutting, particularly in this heat.

What I do need to do is to work on the 2-day backlog of job applications. So, off I go....

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