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#3908: Is this the same ACLU?

ACLU is telling Eric Holder that trying to prosecute George Zimmerman would, in their opinion, be "double jeopardy" and the trial would therefore be unconstitutional.

...this is the same ACLU which utterly ignores second amendment cases? Huh? Did I slip and fall into the twilight zone or something?

* * *

Speaking of which--

Last night Mrs. Fungus put an ep of that show on, and in that show was this ludicrous alien robot-thingy with two heads. Both heads had a single antenna on each, and one had a rotating dish on it. *sigh*

It was so ludicrous I exploded, "What the hell was that?" My wife thought my reaction was just as hilarious as the whatever-it-was.

* * *

In the "I really want a time machine so I can slug myself" department:

Okay: yesterday I struggled to stay awake all day. I mean, even though it was Sunday and I could have justified taking a nap, I didn't. I sat in my rocking chair, I played WoW, I did whatever I could in order to remain conscious and not sleep. At times it was physically painful for me to remain awake and sitting up, but I knew that I didn't dare so much as lay on the sofa lest I fall asleep.

Reason: Mrs. Fungus began taking the Illinois motorcycle rider's course today. I originally was just going to drive her there and back, and so forth; but last night I had a thought and checked the web site...and when I saw that they had 11 walk-in slots available, I thought, "What the hell--why don't I retake the course? It'd be a great refresher, and that way we can go together!" Anyway, she registered for the 8 AM class a couple of months ago--so she could take the class and still go to work--and since I was going with regardless, I'd have to get up at the same time she did.

So that was all well and good, but there was one teeny problem: I COULD NOT GET TO SLEEP. I took half a Xanax around 2:30 AM and still I could not sleep. I might have managed an hour of sleep somewhere between 4 and 5 AM, but it was not very good sleep. When I woke up at 5-ish, I knew I was up for the duration, so I just climbed out of bed and did my pre-blog surf.


Fortunately I am capable of pushing past the fatigue once in a while. I can do an extended day on little sleep as long as it's not all the time, every day; I'm not going to be falling asleep at the wheel or anything.

Especially since I'm going to bed when this post is finished.

* * *

And I have a reason to finish it quickly: I got out of the bathroom and heard part of a message being recorded on the answering machine, and it turns out a friend of mine from high school--from whom I've not heard in more than a decade--gave me a call to have a chat. I've got to call him back, and I'm doing that right now.


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