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Atomic Fungus
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Saturday, April 7th, 2018
5:48 am
#6158: An amazing romp through space and time
I just woke up from a heck of a dream.

I can't even remember most of it now; everything but a few fragments vanished after I woke up. I can only remember impressions. There were fun parts, scary parts, weird parts. I don't think anything was a retread of previous dreams.

If I could write a coherent story from what I dreamed--if I could remember any of it!--I'd make a friggin' mint.

I guess there are just some things Man is not meant to know. But damn, I liked it.
Thursday, April 5th, 2018
2:48 pm
#6157: Going too often to the well--some five or six hundred times too often
I could just have easily said, "Crying wolf a few million times too many." One can almost hear the press wondering why people don't listen to them any more.

As Vox observes, the press may not recall talking about how Clinton's perjury over illicit dalliances with an intern were nothing to worry about, but plenty of the rest of us do. I can't get worked up over Trump's indiscretions from years and years ago, because that happened long before he was in office, and Trump didn't commit perjury in an attempt to cover it up.

Used to be that sexual peccadillos got a man de-elected. No one cares about that any more, and anyway finding a politician who isn't also a philanderer is nigh impossible, and was impossible even back then. Getting upset about Trump banging a Playboy bunny (if it even happened, about which I don't know or care) some years ago--well, it just doesn't matter. I suppose it would be different if Trump had done this last week, you know, using the Secret Service and his power as President to have a gigantic sex party in the Oval Office with a bunch of young women; but that's not what happened, or is happening. The press wants us to get upset over something Trump did long ago, and they want us ("us" meaning "Trump supporters", by the way) to get upset over it because they think we're all closed-minded uptight reactionary Jesus-lovers who get the vapors at a hint of immorality, and start pointing and shrieking "Unclean!" when we encounter someone who's not a paragon of virtue.

But the thing is, that's stopped working. It's stopped working because we've seen you pass off so many Democrat peccadillos that we know you don't care about it, and that whenever you start pointing and shrieking about immorality in our guys, it's just a cynical attempt to make him look bad. It's stopped working because you've been obviously doing it for two years--longer--with stupid little crap you've deliberately trumped up (heh) because you don't have anything else. It's stopped working because you've been pissing away your credibility for years harping on lesser things, while doing your damnedest to minimize Democrat scandals, no matter how serious.

It's been obvious for a long time that the American media has chosen sides, and that it's firmly on the side of the Democrats. So don't expect us to listen to you now.

* * *

If I were Trump I would insist on these conditions, too. "Sauce for the goose", as they say.

* * *

China may talk really tough, but they really do need us a lot more than we need them. Soybeans are essential to the Chinese diet and they get a lot of soybeans from the United States.

* * *

No, he identifies as a woman, so what the little girl saw was irrelevant. The little girl may think she saw a penis, but that was merely the result of the phallocentric, patriarchal society we live in. No penis was present in that bathroom stall, because there were no men there. Because of course when a man identifies as a woman, his genitals become entirely irrelevant! Right, libs?

* * *

It snowed yesterday. Well, that's not the first time it's snowed in April. It was just flurries. Still--damned global warming!!!!!!111one-one
Wednesday, April 4th, 2018
10:20 pm
#6156: I take it back; I think maybe I DO need a new laptop after all.
Let's face it: Seiren is a couple months shy of ten years old, which is just about forever in computer years. Ten years ago the processor in this thing was pretty damned fast, having two whole cores running at almost 2 GHz.

I seem to recall this thing has like 3 GB of RAM in it, but I can't be too sure. I do know I put a 120 GB SSD in it in 2015 to see how it would go, and it went very fast--but now I find myself unable to do simple things like running Settings to check the specs of the computer!

Of course there's only the Windows 10 security suite on it, and it shows as "disabled", and there's suddenly a mystery "anti-adware" package on the system. Gee, I wonder where that came from? When was the last time I used this machine and actually connected to WiFi, anyway?

That's why I say I don't need a new laptop; I don't use this one very often, so seldom that it looks brand new even after a decade. But when I need it, I need it.

Plus side: Tiger Direct has been spamming my Inbox with ads for refurbished laptops, machines with Core i5 processors, under $200 shipped. One of them is a Dell Inspiron something-or-other with a 14" screen, and it looks quite nice; the only deficit I can see is that it doesn't have an optical drive. Well, you can get an external optical drive for not a lot of money....

Okay, Seiren has a Pentium T3200, running at 2 GHz, and 3 GB of RAM. More memory might fix the slowness, but I'm not sure how much. The T3200 is apparently no great shakes as a processor. Seiren is an Inspiron 1525, which can handle a maximum of 4 GB of RAM, which was plenty of RAM in 2008 but in 2018 it's not even entry level any longer. (The refurb laptops I've been looking at start with 4 GB, but I'd be bumping it to 8 GB soonest.)

Replacing the 1 GB SODIMM in the system with a 2 GB module would cost about $30, but if it doesn't help, I'm out $30 that could go towards expanding the RAM on a new system.

Well, I'm not doing anything about it this week, that's for sure.

* * *

Skipping a step and going right to a female Indiana Jones. Because it's time for Indy to "take a different form".

Harrison Ford ain't getting any younger, and they'd just have to get a new guy to play him anyway, so why not just give in to the stupidity sweeping Hollywood and make him a girl who can do absolutely anything at all? And make sure that the love interest is a bumbling, stupid man who she always has to rescue, because that schtick hasn't gotten old at all. Or--no!--just make Indy a lesbian!


* * *

Well, this day of rest is just about over. More anon.
12:34 am
#6155: The 12th anniversary
I knew I'd forgotten something!

Tuesday was the 12th anniversary of the Fungus. First post went up on April 3, 2006, and it's been 12 years since that day.

I can barely stand to reread the earliest posts, you know?
Tuesday, April 3rd, 2018
8:17 pm
#6154: Well, that was a day
Moderately busy, but we had "rush hour" from around 3:30-4:30. Still, it was lighter than a light day at the ol' shithole, so I'm not complaining at all.

* * *

Not much to talk about, though. It's been a hectic couple of days, and other than hanging out with my wife I haven't really done anything of note. The news seems to have calmed down a little bit.

Oh: some crazy woman in California--a state with very strict gun laws--took a gun into a "gun-free zone" and shot the place up. Apparently she shot her boyfriend, or ex-boyfriend, or whatever, some other people, and herself.

News flash: the gun control laws and rules didn't prevent it. Almost as if she wasn't worried about breaking the law or something.

* * *

Other than that, not much. Went to the in-laws' place Sunday, had a nice dinner, and then we watched The Shape of Water which Mrs. Fungus wanted to see but about which I was "meh". My instincts turned out to be correct yet again.

Basically it's Creature From the Black Lagoon, but presented differently: instead of the creature being an evil and dangerous monster, of course they showed it being threatened and tortured by evil white men in the 1960s, which is probably why it won whatever Oscars it won. It was not a very good movie. It was approximately "okay".

Believe me, it would be nice if an Oscar-winning movie was actually entertaining but that doesn't seem to happen much any more. It certainly didn't in this case.

* * *

On my way home last night I saw the stupidest car I've seen in a long while. It was a Mustang of some recent vintage--not the current "retro" styled one but the curvier "jellybean" style--and it had been lifted so that it could have thirty-two-inch wheels on it.

I'm not sure what the largest size automotive rim is. These were huge, and I'm guessing 32" because that seems about the largest wheel you can get these days. (Though there are apparently 34" wheels, too.) Wheels that big are utterly moronic for anything smaller than a 747.

But sure, show us how fuckin' stupid you are: take a perfectly good car and ruin it by turning it into a display piece for $15,000 worth of wheels.

I wish I were exaggerating, but I'm not; a quick perusal of eBay showed a price tag of $15k for a set of 4. And that doesn't include tires! Take a car that's meant to be a sports car, you know--to have the ability to go and stop and corner fast--and utterly ruin....


I've seen plenty of cars with stupid-big wheels over the years, and noted how poorly they performed thanks to the limitations imposed on the vehicle by its wheels--but that just took the friggin' cake. It's the antithesis of impressive.

* * *

Well, it's a thrill a minute.
Monday, April 2nd, 2018
8:50 pm
#6153: That sounds good to me
If you have to be 21 to buy a gun, let's make 21 the age you must be to do a lot of things. Drive, for example.

I think that makes good sense.

* * *

End California's car emissions waiver. Bring them in line with the rest of the country.

* * *

Just remember that the American left loved Hitler. Until he attacked Russia, Hitler was the darling of the left all over the world. Why, national socialism was the future!

...then he attacked the Soviet Union, and when he did that, suddenly the leftists of the world hated his guts. If you look at the historical record you see that--according to the left--Nazi Germany didn't become a problem until after Hitler invaded the USSR in June of 1941. The left (particularly the pacifists) shut the hell up with alacrity after that.

* * *

There really isn't much else to say right now. Maybe later.
Saturday, March 31st, 2018
8:41 pm
#6152: Of COURSE it evolves drug resistance! What do you think this is, Tinkertoys?
Drug-resistant HIV!
But you know what *didn't* end AIDS? The approach we took. We now have millions of people infected with a disease that is being held in check with drugs. And now, look, oh goodie....
Drug-resistant HIV is emerging, because people are idiots.

It's not just the fact that some people will stop taking the drugs that keep their HIV under control, for whatever reason; it's that the ability to control the effects of the disease have made people just as complacent as they were before HIV became prevalent. No one worries about it, because it can be controlled.

--which is to say that the a-number-one risk group, homosexual men (that category includes "'heterosexual' men who have sex with men", by the way) don't seem particularly worried about being infected, and some subset of that group actively courts it.

Stupid, yes. But the disease is as big a problem as it is because we acted stupidly after discovering it. We close down a hot dog stand if someone gets sick after eating there, but the gay sex clubs and bathhouses in the cities weren't even after we discovered they were how and why HIV/AIDS spread through the gay population so quickly.

Water under the bridge, I guess. If an airborne strain evolves, though, you can expect the kid glove treatment to end posthaste.

* * *

Mr. President Trump, please get government out of the way of private industry. NOAA doesn't like people muscling in on its bailiwick, and you must have a permit to launch a camera into orbit.

Government flexing its muscles because it can. Shut it down.

* * *

Man, today was another slow Saturday. I spent most of it reading Order of the Stick (start here) because there were absolutely no incoming contacts for hours. I didn't even count them as I normally would.

It was nice and quiet, though, particularly since the guy who is usually there on Saturdays was not. Call him "Sam"; he's been there for 14 years and all he ever does is complain about just about everything about the job there.

Okay: they started a new call center in Fort Meyers FL for retailer and consumer calls. Occasionally they take other calls too. "Sam" complains about it, and carps and kvetches, especially whenever one of the Fort Meyers crew asks for help in the chat room. "Why can't their supervisors help them?"

He complains that he can't write too much about it in emails to management for fear of someone higher up saying, "Well, that's a nice letter of resignation you gave us, have a nice life." And then of course he won't get severance or unemployment! "They have us over a barrel, and they know it!" He complains, several times a week.

On Monday, when I got permission to leave half an hour early? I hit the can before leaving, and when I got back he was complaining about me leaving half an hour early. He was trying to make it sound general, but of course it's kind of hard to apply that to his main bugaboo (Fort Meyers) when it was so obviously about me.

My patience for his nonsense has worn thin. At this point, every time he winds up I want to tell him to STFU because at least if they were to downsize him he would get a severance package, which is more than I--as a contractor--could expect. And before they cut him they'd cut me, because it's a hell of a lot cheaper to lay me off than anyone who actually works for the company itself.

And around all this worry about losing his job, he also talks in glowing terms about how he's going to go to the west coast to be with his daughter when his employment ends, however it may happen.

Asshat, you have a nice, cushy job where the biggest assholes you have to deal with are impatient people from warehouses who need to get technical problems fixed soonest so they can get their work done and go home. You get to leave the office when your shift is over; they don't get to leave until the trucks are all done. You might want to bear that in mind when you're complaining about someone's attitude. And, meanwhile, look in the fricking mirror and consider the old saw about the pot and the kettle.

That penis wouldn't last ten minutes doing my last job, if he gets all offended when someone says "boo" to him. Holy shit.

So, yeah--hardest part of the job, for me, is dealing with an asinine coworker, which is par for the course in any job. And the irony is not lost on me that this guy's asininity is (at least so far) considerably less intense than some of the stupidity I put up with at the last place.

But damn--just relax and be thankful for your job, douchebag, because jobs like this one are few and far between. That's what I'm doing; I'm enjoying the hell out of it precisely because my last few jobs were so difficult, one way or another. Relax, worry about how you're doing your own work, and quit being such a pain in the ass. Really.

It'd be nice if they moved him one row over and got him out of mine, though, and have him sit next to the woman he commiserates with.

* * *

Well, it's Saturday night, and I can relax. Hooray!
Friday, March 30th, 2018
9:06 pm
#6151: Okay, maybe that was a bit much.
Today's lunch was a gyro with fries from a gyro place near work. I ate it all--well, not all the fries--and five hours later I still have no interest in food.

But damn, did it taste good. Very little carbs in the gyro, too, which is a huge plus. Should not have had the fries.

* * *

NOAA flexing its muscles because it's the government. Who know why else?

* * *

The hits keep coming. Last Jedi is the first Star Wars movie--well the last one from the main continuity, anyway, "episodes" 1-8--that I didn't see in the theater, and I did that based entirely on the reviews I read of it. It's now available to rent, so when I see it I do expect to be underwhelmed.

Oh well.

* * *

Meanwhile the critics all hate Ready Player One. Mrs. Fungus wants to go see it; I suppose the near-universal hatred of critics is a good enough reason to go.

* * *

Well, coming up on month 4 at the job, and I'm still liking it tons more than the last place. Win.
Thursday, March 29th, 2018
8:30 pm
#6150: Yep, that's it for self-driving cars.
Passenger in self-driving car ticketed for car's failure. The car in question "came too close" to a pedestrian, and the fact that it was operating autonomously did not matter to the policeman. The person in the car, "whether they were driving or not, 'is still responsible for the vehicle.'"

So, hear that? If you are in a self-driving car, YOU are responsible for whatever it does. Not the guys who programmed it; you.

Because of that, I've just decided that I will never, never, ever so much as sit in one of GM's cars without steering wheel or other controls. I won't take a ride in a self-driving car, either. Just NO. Because as Denninger concludes, under that legal theory, the guy in that Uber car that killed a woman would be in prison facing a charge of felony manslaughter.

Nope: if a human's not herding it, I'm not riding.

* * *

File this under "sauce for the goose". I agree wholeheartedly, though; I think it's a great idea. If it's good and proper for the ratio between CEO and peon pay to be reported, then it should be done for big name actor and director vs the lowest-paid movie staffer; between University President and adjunct professor; and politicians should have to wear sponsor names on their clothing.

* * *

Jackbooted thugs in the dentist's office. A note to the SJWs and other leftist asshats out there: that is what real fascism looks like, a business able to use the threat of government prosecution to coerce people to use their service.

* * *

"Get rid of the guns! There's too much gun crime!"

England has all but banned firearms, and this is the result.

And read the comments too. One reminds us that England doesn't class a murder as a "homicide" unless the murderer is caught and punished for the crime.

* * *

"We need a disney princess who's had an abortion"...? Really?

* * *

"Wireless peacekeeping devices", I like that. And you're a bigot if you say they're not.

* * *

So, last night we thought we'd try watching Krypton, Yet Another Superman Series, only this one is about Superman's great-grandfather. It's set on Krypton, hence the title.

We managed perhaps fifteen minutes before Mrs. Fungus got bored. I hadn't even wanted to bother, but was overruled.

They just went down the SJW list for TV shows. Dystopia, disaffected teens, smart, cocky male lead, who's a white boy that sleeps with a black girl. Black girl is military and her mother is a super-hardass.

The only thing they didn't include was a lesbian relationship, and that probably crops up later in the episode. All series have to have lesbians in them now, after all!

In one scene we're shown the Genesis Chamber, which is how the Kryptonians reproduce. He and she both have their fingers pricked for a DNA sample, and some time later, baby! Two minutes after that, Doucheboy is shown in bed with Black Military Grrl.

It would have been massively interesting if people simply did not have sex any longer. The need for procreation has disappeared; maybe they don't even do it for fun any longer. The planet's been taken over by a totalitarian government, so why not? That would be an apocalyptic plot point, right there, wouldn't it? Nothing would drive home these people are not humans more than something like that. But that would have required thinking outside the box, and not having any sex in the series, so of course that's out. After all, you can't have lesbians in a world without sex!

Anyway, this series is just more of the same tiresome SJW horseshit you see in every last damned TV show these days, and it's not worth watching.

We watched about the first half of the first ep of The Terror, and that looks pretty interesting to me. We'll see how it works out; we only stopped because it was bedtime.

* * *

And now, off to make dinner. Taco night!
Wednesday, March 28th, 2018
12:43 pm
#6149: It really doesn't work that way, you know.
Fusion will change everything! Except it won't.

We unlocked, almost 70 years ago, a brand new, truly renewable, and virtually limitless enery source. The fuel is literally everywhere, albiet at very low concentrations in most places, and once you have refined a chunk of fuel, you can recycle it almost ad infinitum. It is safe, clean, and so dense a source that if it were implemented on a large enough scale it could mean electricity that was too cheap to meter.


70 years later, we are still burning coal and oil and natural gas to generate electricity, and the same people who stood in the way of fission power are demanding we start using windmills to generate power, as if this was the 16th century.

Besides being difficult, fusion will be expensive, more expensive than fission power is. And the same Luddites who stood in the way of nuclear power will stand in the way of fusion. And don't think that the companies who produce oil and coal will sit idly by, either; although I don't usually discuss their role in our continued stupid reliance on fossil fuels, they have played a part in keeping fission as far off the table as possible. ("Too cheap to meter" electricity means the end of a market for gasoline, for example, sooner or later.)

But at least the people who sell fossil fuels have a decent reason for opposing progress: besides lining their own pockets, they also employ a huge number of people and actually produce things. They do useful work, even if some aspects have been (or should have been, at least) outpaced by the development of technology. I have some sympathy for them, which is why I ignore their role in anti-nuclear efforts (which is primarily fiscal). It's just business, and that's fine.

The people I don't have sympathy for are the environmentalists. They produce nothing of value, nothing useful, nothing worthwhile; they stand athward technological progress because they hate people. They'd rather have entire continents of people living like savages, in filth and poverty, because that's better for the environment. Meanwhile these same environmentalists don't give up their air conditioning and SUVs and air travel and Starbucks and-and-and; it's sufficient for the rest of the world to live in the dirt while they live like kings. These people fight to keep as many people as possible in conditions where they're starving and slaving to stay alive, where they can't even have basic refrigeration or clean running water because there's no electricity. These people count it a victory when someone starves because the GMO plants which could have fed him have been banned.

There is very little evil which is on par with environmentalism.

* * *

Anyone who finds any of this surprising is a complete idiot. Gee, who would have thought that Obamacare would not, after all, make anything less expensive?

Those of us who opposed that stupidity from the beginning tried to warn the rest of you asshats that it wouldn't fix anything but would only end up making things more expensive. In the best cases it merely failed to fix anything, but "best cases" in this hogwallow are thin on the ground. For the most part, Obamacare has been an unmitigated disaster for just about everyone affected by it.

As predicted.

* * *

I'm going to say "probably". Look, we have credible evidence that Facebook allowed the Obama campaign to "scrape" its data archive for useful information. The exact same thing everyone is now up in arms about because a Republican candidate did it, yeah:
Obama's people saw this as a massive advantage, telling the press after the election that it was "the most groundbreaking piece of technology developed for the campaign." The press, in turn, heralded Obama for his brilliance at leveraging social media to activate voters and win an election at a time when its approval ratings were low and the economy was doing poorly.

Apparently, Facebook knew its user data was being harvested en masse, but didn't care.

After the Cambridge Analytica story broke, an Obama campaign staffer, Carol Davidsen, tweeted about how "Facebook was surprised we were able to suck out the whole social graph, but they didn't stop us once they realized what we were doing." By "whole social graph," she presumably meant profiles of every Facebook user in the U.S.

She went on to tell the Washington Post that "We would ask permission to basically scrape your profile, and also scrape your friends, basically anything that was available to scrape. We scraped it all."

She also said that Facebook officials came to the campaign offices after the election recruiting Obama's tech team, and that "they were very candid that they allowed us to do things they wouldn't have allowed someone else to do because they were on our side."
But don't worry. At some point, someone will notice this facet of the fooraw and a suit will be filed. It's only a matter of time.

* * *

The logical conclusion of overturning the Second Amendment is that we should overturn all of them. I mean, what the hell, who's worried about soldiers showing up at their house and moving in, making you feed them and everything? No one does that anymore!

...and negating the Second Amendment will result in the eventual negation of all of them, anyway, so why not?

* * *

Of course when an anti-gun-nut actually expresses what they all think, they want him to shut the hell up soonest. Because if that gets around--that the repeal of the Second Amendment is their ideal goal--people might take exception to that, and Democrats lose whenever people remember how anti-civil-rights they are.

* * *

Why are you surprised? All those people are hypocrites to the friggin' core.

This guy is Al Sharpton's half-brother, and had only just participated in that "march for our lives" nonsense, when--oh!--he was involved in a murder with a handgun. Admittedly, he's not the one who did the shooting; he was driving the car.

His buddy's car went missing. They drove around looking for it, and when they found the person who they'd thought had taken it, his buddy shot her to death.

Yeah, making guns illegal will really make everyone safe. Sure. Because this winner's buddy was carrying a legal firearm, and he had a CCW permit for it, and he just flew off the handle, right?

Somehow I doubt it.

* * *

Last night we watched Downsizing.

It was a pretty good movie; it was entertaining. The one problem I had with it was the eco-bugaboo that drove the plot; ice melting in Antarctica was releasing methane, and the positive feedback loop was going to trigger a mass extinction event in a couple of hundred years.


In the absolute worst case, the doomsday scenario they used in the movie would cause the global warming all the lefties are so worried about, but it wouldn't doom the entire biosphere of the planet. Far from "mass extinction" we'd see an incredible boom in plant growth, and there literally isn't enough water in the world to cover all the landmass, so while it would be dashed inconvenient, it wouldn't be the end of all life on Earth, or even a significant portion thereof.

Plus side, this nonsense wasn't the primary driver of the film--it was kind of backgroundy--but it did induce enough of an eyeroll that it spoiled my complete enjoyment of the story.

This is the mechanism whereby SJW horseshit ruins movies: people get tired of the endless lectures disguised--poorly--as entertainment.

* * *

So now expect the state of California to get up in arms about its subunits not doing what it says. California is ignoring federal immigration law, but when Orange County cooperates with the feds, expect the California state government to complain about insubordination or WTF-ever, because leftists are hypocrites.

* * *

Well, it's my day off. Time to go do chores. *sigh*
Tuesday, March 27th, 2018
8:45 pm
#6148: A lot less angry tonight
Kim du Toit talks about the New Beetle. Apparently Volkswagen is going to discontinue it, because it's not a sales powerhouse like its forebear was.

Well, duh.

The original Volkswagen Type I "Beetle" was successful for one reason: it was an inexpensive, durable car. Bugs lasted much longer than their American counterparts, and for all of that they cost less. The design hardly changed at all over its run, and there were so many of them you could get parts just about anywhere without the premium you paid for parts for most foreign cars. The only reason they stopped making them came from the fact that they simply could not be made to run clean enough for American smog laws, and converting it to water-cooled was cost-prohibitive. They continued to be made for the Mexican and South American market for a very long time after they stopped being sold in the United States.

The new Beetle was only shaped something like the original, had a water-cooled transverse I4 engine mounted to a transaxle in the front of the car, and the base model cost eighteen thousand dollars, which was above "economy car" territory. It was not better in any way than half a dozen other cars of the same size, and Volkswagen had long since lost its reputation for building long-lasting cars. And it was expensive.

The newer version looks more like the original air-cooled version, but it's even more costly now than the first "new Beetle" and still has none of the character of the original.

I do believe that if a manufacturer wants to sell a shitton of cars, they should build something like the original Beetle: simple, economical, without a crapton of horseshit, but which performs reasonably well compared to other vehicles. And price the thing low enough that people can afford to buy one without taking out a 10-year loan.

Might as well wish for the Moon, I suppose.

* * *

Sure, islam is just a bowl of cherries, isn't it? It was not lost on me that the articles talking about the abuse this 16-year-old girl suffered at the hands of her parents identify her as a "Texas teen" instead of "muslim teen".

But, hey! Who are we to judge, right? I mean, her parents were only beating her and burning her with oil because she refused to be sold to a man twice her age for $20,000. It's the religion of peace! Shut up, you haters!

* * *

That quote certainly sounds as if it came from Ronald Reagan.

* * *

Go down to the place where the mexican girl is tearing the US Constitution and folding her arms defiantly. Read from there to the graphic.

Instead of letting hispanic lesbians tear up the constitution of our country, let's just ship them back to mexico.

* * *

Pretty busy at work yesterday and today. Day off Wednesday, at least.


Either I'm experiencing the placebo effect, or else that Augmentin is jet-propelled, because I feel much better than I did yesterday. In fact, I feel better than I have in a while. Still a little woozy, though.


Now I'm going to go do something fun.
Monday, March 26th, 2018
9:33 pm
#6147: Well, that just makes my f-ing day, right there
Felt like shit most of the day Sunday, which was something of a carry-over from Saturday when I started feeling pretty crappy, which was also something of a carry-over from Friday when I had started to feel a bit on the poopy side. Today, when I got to the highway, I very nearly turned around and went home because I was feeling dizzy and woozy almost to the point of being disoriented. If that hadn't gone away after a good shake of the head, I would have stayed home: unsafe at any speed.

Went to work, toughed it out. Took some Mucinex around eleven and suddenly started feeling better, which was enough for me to realize you have a fever, you idiot. But about 4-ish I asked the boss if I could leave at 6, with designs on going to an urgent care place to get the once-over. Boss was amenable, so off I went at 6 and hit the doc-in-a-box.

The registrar had me put a mask on. They swabbed my nostrils for flu and found none, and the doc decided it was most probably sinusitis (which I expected, having fought a case of it almost all winter) and sent me off with an RX for Augmentin.

My health insurance has a $5,000 deductible, so I had to pay the doc $75, and when it came time to pay for the pills, they were a mere $54.

Generic frigging Augmentin, a mixture of two of the most common anti-bacterial drugs there are, and it's fucking $2.50 a tablet. Fuck you, Democrats! Fuck you, Obama! And a special "fuck you" to the Republicans for not repealing that shit on January 21, 2017!

...but with Jewel's prescription discount card, the price went down to $21...which was still about twice what my checking account had in it after the (unexpected) expense of the doctor's fee, and of course the bank's customer service line was closed so I couldn't move any money from my savings account. Had to go home, get Mrs. Fungus' card, and use that to buy my pills. ARRGH!

I shouldn't complain too much, I know. We have the money, and I'm skint only because I'm paying my bills the way I'm supposed to--and payday is on Wednesday and this was an unexpected expense, not something planned for. This kind of situation is exactly why I have about a quarter of each paycheck dumped into my savings account, after all. What frustrates me is not being able to have my bank move the damned money when I need it!

(And no, I can't use their app to do it; I don't have the right kind of account with them. The right kind of account would cost me too much money.)


* * *


* * *

Bring rocks to a gun fight. Democrats are stupid.

* * *

Fuck it, I'm too pissed off. Something's gonna die in the dungeon tonight. (I'm going to play WoW, in other words.)
Sunday, March 25th, 2018
5:18 pm
#6146: Yep, another cat in the heat sink
Having realized that I've been putting it off for a week or so, today I broke down the computer and cleaned it.

I didn't do a complete disassembly, but I took the cover off and removed the video card, and right away I could see that the processor heat sink was covered in lint. Used a pick to get the lint out and hosed everything with compressed air. And yep, the system is dead silent again.

Look: if your computer sounds like a 747 on takeoff while you're looking at Facebook, it is just possible that its heat sinks need cleaning.

After removing approximately one cat's worth of lint from my computer, I buttoned it back up and it was nice and quiet again. I did the same cleaning on Mrs. Fungus' computer, but she had a lot less cruft in hers.

Might look into getting a bigger heat sink for mine. Her computer reports a CPU temp of 99° while mine reports a CPU temp of 122°. Biggest difference is that she's got a vertical heat sink with a big fan on it, right in the incoming air from the rear case fan, while mine has a short horizontal heat sink with a smaller fan. Mine's temp is not out of spec, but cooler is always better.

Well, that was my chore for the day, I guess.
1:53 pm
#6145: That "fist in the air" thing is a socialist salute
The Democrat shill for gun control stands there with a truculent look on his face and a fist in the air, not realizing he's echoing a hundred years of murder and oppression with that one gesture. Or, worse, maybe he does know. Hard to say; I expect he just gave that raised fist because one of his handlers told him to, not because he knows any history or anything.

That's not the Nazi salute; the Nazi salute has the hand extended, not closed. The raised fist is communist, not National Socialist. If you'd "heil"ed Hitler in Nazi Germany with that raised fist, even money whether they would have cut it off before shooting you. Leftist radicals use that salute whenever they can, and of course the leftist black radicals adopted it as a "black power" sigil.

But the ideology is essentially the same: government in complete control of the populace, which has no rights whatsoever. Ironically enough, this pig-ignorant kid is advocating exactly that.

Then he's unhappy when he finds out what that means, exactly. Clear backpacks and ID badges for all students at his school, whether he likes it or not, because that is where his incontinent need for safety leads. Clear backpacks infringe on your constitutional rights? Son, you don't have any constitutional rights if the second amendment goes away; once government has a precedent for abrogating one of those rights, the rest will fall like dominoes. You might want to think that over a little bit. You know that old line about trading liberty for safety? Once you give up your liberty, you will never be safe. There's at least 100,000,000 people who could tell you that, if they hadn't been murdered by their own governments.

* * *

Speaking of wholesale murder, Francis Porretto puts up a post about South Africa and Zimbabwe and the correlation between the two. The thing I found most interesting was how citizens of Zimbabwe now wish that whites were in charge again, because at least with whites running the show there was food.

I know there are plenty of people out there who will look at my last discussion of this sitution and accuse me of being racist and claim that no one would vote for what happened to Zimbabwe, but I'm not just saying this in a vacuum:
It was, after all, black Rhodesians who brought about the transformation of prosperous Rhodesia into Robert Mugabe's hellish Zimbabwe. Once blacks were enfranchised, they voted for it en masse. The destruction of Rhodesia's prosperity was also accomplished by black Rhodesians / Zimbabweans. Now that they lament the fruits of their willfulness, would they recant on their demands?
Hell no. It's not their fault; it's colonialism. You see, if it hadn't been for white colonialism, Africans would have colonized Alpha Centauri by now; but white colonialism and racism interrupted their progress and ruined their chances for civilization, so now the white world must pay.

Because this kind of nonsense is what passes for thought in those circles, it is entirely too easy to know what they will say.

* * *

Over on YouTube I saw "Top 10 Worst Voyager Episodes", and thought, "How can you pick just ten?"

It got me to thinking about that series, and ep that very nearly made me stop watching it entirely. (Prior, that is, to the introduction of 7 of 9, which did make me stop, because stupid boring series is boring and stupid.)

In this particular ep, as I recall--and understand that I only saw it once--Captain Janeway is somehow incapacitated, on death's door, and she's wandering around the ship and her father is there, trying to lure her...somewhere. Anyway it turns out that her "father" is actually some kind of being that feeds on the life force of sentient creatures. When someone's going to die, the being creates this bright light and long tunnel etc, lost loved ones, yada yada, to lure the consciousness into its web, blah blah blah, etcetera. When Janeway figures it out and decides not to go with it, it tells her angrily that one day it will have her and she'll nourish it for a long time! Then she wakes up in sickbay with the holo-doctor and all is well. The story is meant to "explain" how the near-death experiences we often hear about don't demonstrate that there's an afterlife.

Again: that's as I recall, because it's been on the order of two decades since I saw the ep. Your mileage may vary. Do not immerse in water. Batteries not included. Do not hold in mouth. Light fuse and get away.

The entire Star Trek ouerve is pretty adamant on the "no gods" thing. Supernatural beings always end up being hyper-evolved aliens and are never simply gods. There's no life after death, no nothing, and once you're done, you're done. Atheism is the rule of the day, and religion is always portrayed as silly superstition. (Except for Bajorans, who worship the "Prophets", who are aliens from the nearby wormhole.)

But to me, that begs the question: how does Janeway's nemesis work, then? If there is no life after the body ceases working, why is there anything for that being to consume?

This is the same problem that Golden Compass has: they claim there is no such thing as "God", but when they write a story, there's an afterlife--just one with no God in it. You can't have it both ways, though: if you believe that we're just molecular machines that somehow evolved on a spinning rock in space, accidentally and without any divine intervention, then there is absolutely no reason for there to be a soul. A meat machine, one that evolved due to physical processes, is not going to have an undying part.

If there are souls, then there's God. You cannot have one without the other; there's no reason for it otherwise. If there's no God, there are no souls.

...yet in the atheist world of Star Trek, people's souls could be moved around like furniture, even in the original series. The transporter is a murder machine unless you posit that there's a soul, and there have been so many stories about peoples' consciousness being put elsewhere I can't even begin to remember them all. None of that makes sense if people are meat machines.

Janeway's hovering on the edge of death--you could pass that one off as mid-mortem hallucination, I suppose, but McCoy carrying around Spock's soul is an entirely different matter.

It ends up being incoherent, of course, because the philosophy itself is incoherent. Golden Compass was meant to be an atheist "answer" to Chronicles of Narnia, but of course the atheism is incoherent to the extent that there isn't a God, but there is a God, but he's some kind of whiny bitch that gets killed, somehow, in a grungy concentration camp-like afterlife, and this is why atheists are smarter, or something.

In the various Star Trek series we're told that religion is "superstition" and so forth, but when the people writing these things start trying to get philosophical about death, they start getting mixed up. The most honestly atheist episode of Star Trek I ever saw was the one where Tasha Yar got killed; and even then, the entire premise of the whole firkin' episode demanded that at least some aliens, somewhere, have souls! The black tarry thing that blasted Tasha "I survived the rape gangs for this?" Yar into oblivion claimed it was the collected evil of a long-departed race that wanted to purge itself of its venal impulses. Well, if you do that--in a universe without gods or souls--why and how do you end up with anything at all?

...the inevitable conclusion to this train of thought is that these people don't even understand what they believe. So why listen to them?

* * *

Sunday is a day of rest. I'm gonna go rest some more.
Saturday, March 24th, 2018
9:00 pm
#6144: You're nuts.
China will win the space race! The article is full of scaremongering and horseshit.

Look: China doesn't invent anything. They don't innovate. Without the aid of the Clinton administration they'd still be trying to figure out how to put things in orbit; lowering barriers to technology exports is why China's able to put things up there so soon.

China's started talking about building a heavy launch vehicle, the Long March 9, which is supposed to have as much payload capacity as a Saturn V. And the conclusion of that post is the telling point:
If the artists impression is accurate, the CZ-9 is clearly from the same train of thought that produced the SLS. Which means that it’ll probably cost something like the SLS, adjusted for Chinese costs rather than NASA bureaucracy. Which would be fine in normal times, but we seem to be heading into a whole new era...SpaceX and Blue Origin pull it off, or even just one of them, rockets like the CZ-9 will look *really* outdated.
China's proposed heavy lift booster is pretty much SLS on steroids--which, set alongside Falcon Heavy with its entirely reusable first stage, looks pretty pathetic, all told. China could conceivably make it to Mars before we do--but they'd have to completely change their operating paradigm to do it, and they'd bankrupt themselves in the process.

* * *

Speaking of douchebaggery in the spaceways, Kim Stanley Robinson is up to his old tricks. The same science fiction writer who rode his series about colonizing Mars to SF celebrity, yet believes Man shouldn't explore space, now thinks we ought to stop living in the countriside, and all move to giant megacities, so that half of Earth can be "left alone".

The same world government which can make its citizens all live in a giant rat's warren is a government which can kill and oppress those people at will. I'm sure that doesn't bother a reliable leftist like Robinson, but it sure as hell bothers me.

* * *

What's going on at Facebook? Not really my problem, though, since I don't really care.

* * *

Last night we saw Penn and Teller, at the same theater we saw Sweeney Todd at (three times...). They're entertaining on TV but they're much more entertaining live, and we really enjoyed the show.

I really do enjoy stage magic, anyway.

Today, then, was a long, dull day, made better only by the series of YouTube videos I watched. I handled fifteen inbound contacts, though, which is better than last week, so perhaps the doldrums are coming to an end. That'd be nice.
Friday, March 23rd, 2018
11:47 am
#6143: Friday, relaxing, taking it easy, doing nothing
Pre-scheduled day off today. I expect Mrs. Fungus will spend it sleeping, for which I don't blame her. If the fool cats hadn't woken me up I'd still be in bed, too. I shall return there in a little while.

To my surprise, Ormus came to the end of the Legion storyline, rather abruptly--I didn't realize I'd hit it--and suddenly there was another quest in another place which apparently leads into the next expansion, due out sometime this year.

There's still plenty to do in the Legion expansion, of course, but Mrs. Fungus and I are doing those parts together so I won't do them solo. That includes the lead-in bit I mentioned above--so all I could really do last night was stuff I've done half a million times, and I didn't feel like it, so I gave up.

Sat in my rocking chair with my MP3 player and listened to music with my eyes closed until bedtime while Mrs. Fungus watched TV.

* * *

That bridge collapse in Florida--

Not long ago I saw a video from a dashcam which showed the actual collapse. There was a crane doing something near the central pylon of the completed structure, maybe 20 or 30 feet out from there, and that is where the initial break happened. Looking at the video with the standard YouTube viewer does not let you single-step through frames but as far as I can tell it's a case of everything being just fine, until suddenly it wasn't. I'm curious to know what the crane was doing, because the failure occured right where that crane was.

* * *

The other day I was looking over the garage and thinking about what a mess it is, and wondering if there's any possible way to put it right.

Warm weather cannot get here soon enough for me...and yet I am content to wait for it, as long as possible. Because once it gets warm, there is so much work waiting to be done....

Possibility of snow on Saturday. We're supposed to get about an inch of the stuff. We'll see.
Thursday, March 22nd, 2018
11:16 pm
#6142: Yep, this is gonna SUCK, all right.
Indiana Jones and the Mysterious Mary Sue.
You know what they are going to do, don't you? That's right, it's going to be a kick-ass grrrl hero who always does everything right. Call her, "Indy Sue." I can already see Jones gawping in amazement at how much better she is at everything than he is. Why she's only twenty one but she knows way more about archaeology than he does and look how she uses his whip in expert ways he never even dreamed of just picking it up. At the end of the movie she will put on the Indy Hat and walk off into the sunset absolutely self assured in her intrinsic superiority leaving old Indy and his audience to gracefully bow out.
It's what they're doing these days.

It's what they do, I'm telling you:
...Cars 3, the one where a girl car is automatically good at everything that Lightening McQueen used to work hard to be good at.
"Female protagonist" automatically means a godlike creature who can do anything perfectly, instantly, without training or effort, because muh girls' self esteem or something.

It's no fun--and it further is lousy storytelling. If you have a character who is instantly better at everything than anyone else, how can your antagonist even make the reader (or viewer) suspenseful about anything? Watching Mary Suewalker in Force Awakens you realize that whenever she's on the screen, she's not going to be injured or killed; she'll barely be inconvenienced by whatever's going on. "I've never even seen a light saber before, yet I can hold my own against someone who's trained to fight with one!" It's bullshit.

I mean, at least in Haruhi Suzumiya the conflict comes from trying to keep her unconscious expressions of her power in check, you know? Haruhi is instantly good at anything she tries to do, but it's a problem--a source of conflict--rather than a deus ex machina. (And the later stories don't even touch on that, but have other sources of conflict.)

...with the result that I have absolutely no doubt that the paragraph encapsulation of the new Indiana Jones movie is 100% accurate.

* * *

This is absolutely typical, and I don't know why everyone is acting so surprised by it. Something that's 100% okay when Democrats do it is a moral crisis when Republicans do exactly the same thing.

Yes, it's hypocritical. You cannot be a Democrat without being a hypocrite.

* * *

You know, when I really listen to this song, it relaxes me, and makes me happy. Why are there so few songs like that?

Wednesday, March 21st, 2018
5:30 pm
#6141: I forgot to vote, and it doesn't matter anyway
Yeah, the primaries were yesterday. I didn't remember until I was at work, and I got home long after the polls closed.

Rauner won the primary, not that that's any great deal. I still don't know who to believe was actually the candidate in the Democrats' pockets, but that doesn't matter.

Regardless of who ends up in the governor's office this November--Republican, Democrat, or some combination thereof--the Democrat looting of the state will continue unabated. The budget standoff of this past summer shows that simple mathematics is no impediment to the incontinent rapacity of Mike Madigan and the Democrat machine, and neither is the clear example given by Detroit. "We're smarter and better and more sophisticated than those assholes in Michigan were, and it won't turn out that way here." Well, it will--and by the time it does, the machine politicians will have either died, or moved to more pleasant climes with their ill-gotten gains. Chicago will be a smoking hole in the ground, much the same way Detroit is, but they won't care, having long abandoned it to second-string minority politicians.

* * *

Yesterday, on a lark, I looked up "Mini ITX motherboard" on Google Shopping, and found some screaming deals on some nice-looking boards. One with an Atom processor, dual-core, for $19 shipped, that can handle 4 GB of RAM; another one for $10 plus S&H which has an LGA-1150 socket, suitable for some pretty high-zoot processors.

And for a bit more than that--about $15--a motherboard that can handle a 2nd generation core iX processor, 16 GB of RAM, and has a PCIe slot. Prices for the processor go from about $80 to $YEECH! but a Core i3 would be very nice for a small computer and those can be had under $100 if you choose carefully.

What I'd like to do, though, is to get a mini ITX board that'll take a Ryzen 3 2200G, and stuff it into a nice little case; with 8 GB of RAM and maybe a 240 GB SSD, that would get me a machine that could play WoW yet fit in a shoebox and not take up much room in the entertainment center--and then my anime viewing wouldn't be hampered by a BluRay player (or whatever) that can't handle .MKV video files. In the unlikely event that the on-board graphics of the Ryzen 3 were not enough, a mini ITX board for that processor would have a PCI-E slot, and I've got several spare video cards that would do handsomely.

But that's a ways away. I'm slowly getting caught up on bills, and once that's handled I can think about fun stuff like that.
12:15 pm
#6140: Something that keeps eluding me
Next time it occurs to me I think I'd better write it down, because by the time I sit down to blog, I've forgotten it. I've been playing hide-and-seek with this topic for more than a week. Argh etc.

* * *

The fact that I understand why this happens does not mitigate how irritating it is. I've noticed myself that Facebook tends to reduce the size of my home page and then end with:
Do You Want to See More Posts?
The more friends you add, the more posts, photos and videos you'll see in News Feed.
Stuff I was formerly able to see, I can't see any longer, apparently because it's not fresh or something.

One of many reasons why I don't use Facebook for anything other than the occasional bit; it's too unpredictable. And as the last line of the linked post implies, sometimes they don't show you things you've told them you want to see.

But why do it? Well, you see, Facebook makes its money by selling eyeballs to advertisers. Someone there figured out that the best way to maximize their income is by making sure that all users network to the maximum extent possible--so the more friends everyone has, the wider the nets get cast, and the more eyeballs they capture.

So letting someone have a long home page for a few months, and then abruptly truncating it whenever they haven't added a new friend in a while--that will guarantee that the workers you've co-opted do their utmost for you. The home page feels too short, so the user will add friends to get a longer home page again.

And that, by the way, is why I only use Facebook a little bit: I know that whenever I'm using Facebook, I'm not the customer, but the product.

* * *

The attempted mass murder that went unremarked upon because it doesn't fit the narrative. But it's law enforcement dropping the ball, a tragedy which would have been avoided had the legal authorities just done their fricking jobs.

* * *

Just remember that it used to be "human emissions are causing global cooling!" In the late 1970s we were all told that because of human activity, the globe had cooled, was getting colder, and we faced another ice age unless we took dire measures including "...banning the internal combustion engine, regulating industrial research and development, and limiting population."

Which is why I don't take them seriously, and never have.

* * *

I agree with Kim du Toit.

Look: Africans have demonstrated time and again that they do not want civilization, at least as we understand it. They want "might makes right" rather than rule of law. They want warlords and dictators, not democracy. They want famine and disease and war rather than peace and security.

We know this is so because that is what they choose every time they are given a choice, without fail.

There comes a point at which responsibility ends. We are not required to pour money down a rat hole ad infinitum, particularly not when the people we are giving the money to are so hell-bent on murdering and oppressing each other. They scream for self-determination, but once it is returned to them, they make a bloody hash out of it, and wreck everything they've been given.

It's time to let Africa sink. Stop propping it up, stop helping, stop perpetuating the tribal wars--stop interfering, in other words. Leave the entire continent to itself; there isn't anything there that we need that cannot be found elsewhere. We cannot fix what's wrong there, and the only sensible thing is to leave and let it do what it will.

"The Chinese will take over!" And what makes you think the Chinese will have any more luck than we did? I grant you, the Chinese won't be held back by a cadre of limp American leftists complaining about colonialism and racism, so it is likely that whatever investment China made in Africa would be on their terms, but the result would be the same thing we see now: pockets of something approximating civilization, with vast swaths of barbarian savagery.

* * *

Well, I was up early this morning; nap time. Love having a day off.
5:21 am
#6139: The luxury of insomnia
Wednesday is my day off, so I don't have to sleep if I don't feel like it.

Okay, it's not really insomnia; I just woke up in the middle of the night wanting a snack and something to drink, and decided to check my email, and--

BakaBT, ye olde anime torrente syte, was warning me they were about to prune my account, so I went over there and logged in. Found a couple of things to leech; I really ought to get El-Hazard set up to seed a few things to get my ratio up.

Before I went to bed, I watched eps 13-15 of Gundam W. The story has found its stride, now, and is going very nicely. Ep 14 features Relena in a colonial-style frock coat with epaulets--I love the costume design for this series, so much that I borrowed some of it for $Release_Candidate_One. There's actually nothing about the costuming which is unique, except for the juxtaposition of colonial-era styles with space travel and giant combat suits:

The funny thing is that I never bothered with any of the other Gundam series, so I have no idea what they're like, but Gundam W is, at least, a well-done space war epic. It's not just giant robots smashing each other.

The series is 49 eps long, and I've only watched 15% of them. Hoping to have time today to watch more.

If I'm not sleeping, making up for writing a blog post at 5 AM. Heh.
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